Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015 - Cedar Oaks RV Park, Grove, OK

Monday, April 27, 2015 - Heading Out and Setting Up

Well what started out to be a simple day with a good plan turned into a little bit of a challenge and a test of our anxiety levels.

Our plan was to leave Oswego around 1:00 p.m. to head south to Cedar Oaks RV Park in Grove, OK for an SKP Rally.  I had a doctor's appointment in Pittsburg at 11:00 a.m.  I managed to get everything packed in Bentley and the house straightened before heading out a little before 10:00.  I had time to run by the post office to stop our mail until we returned home and then headed to Pittsburg.  I should have realized something wasn’t right when I walked in shortly before 11:00 and the office was entirely empty; except for the office staff.  I signed in and then headed to the restroom.  I came out and set down.  In a few minutes the receptionist called my name and as I approached the window she said we tried to call you but you had evidently already left.  My heart sunk!  The doctor was called to an emergency in Girard for a surgery, however they expected him back by 1:45.  Did I want to wait or reschedule?   I had already rescheduled once and I was here so I decided I would stay, although I wasn't real excited about it.  I had a bit of anxiety at the fact I didn't want to be here because - I was ready to hit the road!!!!!  But I made the best of it by making a phone call for a business matter that needed to be resolved and was able to take care of several questions I had.  With the promise to forward signed papers when we returned home via fax, that item was checked off my list.  Now, how was I going to waste another 2-3 hours?  Ugh.   It’s hard to wait around when you are just wanting to go-go-go. 

I really was not in a shopping mood at all but to kill time I headed to Meadowbrook Mall and walked through Penney's and a couple of other clothing stores.  I found nothing that appealed to me, but I managed to waste an hour.  Del Rio, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants was also here, so I decided to enjoy a nice lunch by myself.  I had a wonderful meal, read a few emails and just relaxed a bit to calm myself.  I returned to the doctor's office about 12:40.  Fortunately he was back and I was seeing him by 1:00 or so.  YEAH! 

I have had quite a few sinus infections this past year which was the reason for my visit.  My doctor had suggested I use a nose spray RX twice a day in each nostril as well as an over the counter allergy pill (generic Zyrtec), and since I had been doing this regularly I was feeling much better with no more problems.  We decided at this time to continue doing that and if I should begin to have problems again we might want to consider allergy testing with the possibility of allergy shots.  I hope this will resolve the problem and no further visits are needed.  Taking allergy shots once a week when we are gone with Bentley would be a chore I don’t want to have to deal with. 

I returned home near 2:30.  Dean had the truck hooked up and was ready to pull out.  I still needed to fax those business papers from the call I had made earlier.  We hooked up the fax machine and after a couple of tries with no success I contacted the representative by phone.  They gave me another fax number to try and after several tries to it, it didn't work either.  We decided we would scan the documents and I would email them.  Since I had already packed the laptop in Bentley it meant I had to go out and climb over furniture in order to get the laptop, since the slides were already in, in preparation for leaving.  After getting the laptop on, up and running and several attempts at this it finally worked.  We left about 3:30 and arrived in Grove around 4:45.   My anxiety level was already going back up!  Lol!

One other thing had me a bit apprehensive during our short drive to Grove.  I had decided to try something new since we were only traveling a short distance on this trip.  I had cut strips of the rubber/plastic type shelf lining product and placed a large piece of it under my coffee pot and another between the glass container and the heating element.  I had read this worked well for others.  I also have a nice copper colored paper towel holder I keep on the counter by our stove and used the same thing there to hold it in place.  Every time we hit a bump I could see that glass container flying off and shattering into millions of glass shards on the floor and into the carpet.  While I had a sense of dread I still could not wait to open that door and check to see if this had really been that great of an idea.  To my absolute joy - I do not believe either item moved even a fraction of an inch during our drive.  It was nice to see this went well as it could have been much worse than the previous somewhat anxious episodes at the doctor and trying to get those documents sent.

We got settled into our site, #84 after a few attempts with help from the campsite assistant.  Of course I wasn't quite satisfied, mainly because he had backed us right up to some branches that were brushing the back of Bentley.  So we straightened up with the concrete patio and moved forward a bit and that satisfied both Dean and I.

Once we got settled a gentleman walked over and introduced himself as the President of SKP's (Escapees) Region 17 group.  We had a nice visit with him and a couple of others who soon joined us, before we continued getting everything set up.  We were ready for something to eat and then just relaxed for a bit.  What a relief to be here!  The SKP's is a group that has many branches in Canada, US and Mexico.  There are several regions and many, many groups within the entire SKP's such as Boondockers (dry camping with no hookups); Military Families; Bikers (motorcycles); Bicyclists, etc. Members of any region can belong to the various types of groups based on the activities or interests they have. 

After a while we decided to take a walk down by the lake since we are just a short distance from it.  As we neared the end of our road we noticed a couple from Wagoner, OK were sitting outside their RV.  They asked us over so we stopped to visit; and about 2 hours later we headed back to Bentley.  We had a great visit though and as always learned many things about RV traveling.  They gave us a few tips about our upcoming trip to South Dakota.  The thing I enjoy most about attending rallies is talking to the other RV owners and what they have done, what they enjoy most, their trials and tribulations, etc.  So many people have already been there, done that.  It helps us keep from making mistakes, spending needless money, preventing problems, etc.  We have yet to meet an unhappy camper!  We also are meeting so many people and it's great to have such an immediate commonality between us.

Monday nights we watch Dancing with the Stars.  We just purchased a “DVR” type product so we could record shows from Dish while we are gone from the RV.  It was our chance to see it worked or not.  Fortunately for use it did – however, I couldn’t keep my eyes awake to watch it and about half way through Dean turned it off when he noticed I was sound asleep.

Off to bed we went a short time later.  I hope I go to sleep right away!

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