Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Lazy L & L Campground, New Braunfels, TX

Hello!  We are camping along the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels, Texas.  It is just gorgeous here and even though it's quite a bit cooler than normal for this time of year - there is hardly anyone around so it just makes it a wonderful place to be.  I have a feeling this place is worse than Branson and Grove put together considering the long winding road you must drive to get here with all of the resorts along the river that provide camping and tubing.  It's about 10 miles long so you can just imagine.  Today was a bit warmer and Sunday is supposed to be near 60 so I hope to get some much better pictures if it doesn't rain.

                     Pictures taken along the Guadalupe River on the way to our campground.

We are at a beautiful resort.  It's a huge acreage with LOTS of room for RV's, and it looks like they provide quite a bit of outdoor entertainment for the summer months.  This evening as we drove in from New Braunfels, there were 15+ deer out in the pasture area.  They are such pretty animals.

                    Bentley is to the far left in the RV's above.  This is where we saw the deer.

Today we went into New Braunfels - hit Wal-mart for a few things such as gloves and ear muffs. The wind was pretty chilly however by this afternoon it was in the mid-40's; still cool but tolerable.  We drove around New Braunfels including downtown with a drive by the Courthouse located on the square.  Another one for Crystal and Lonie!

We ate lunch at a Mexican Restaurant that was rated high on Trip Advisor - Mamacita's and it was very, very good.  They served a wonderful spicy salsa and an avocado sauce/dip with the chips.  They were both very good however the avocado sauce we had in Arkansas was a little better.  I ordered a combination plate that included a cheese enchilada, tamale with chili sauce and taco served with beans, rice and guacamole.  It was all very good but the tamale was extremely good.  It's hard to find a good tamale. Dean had carnitas, and he really liked them.  They actually had quite a selection of cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory but we were just too full to eat any more.  Plus, we have a hankering for Dairy Queen!

After eating lunch we headed to Gruene, TX, pronounced Green.  This is a historic town where the famous Gruene Hall is located.  Many famous country & western stars have performed here in their early musical days.  I was devastated to learn Willie Nelson will be playing here on Sunday while we are in the area BUT it is already sold out.  On the way to Thackerville I found out he will be playing in Durant this Saturday but those tickets were also sold out.  I have wanted to see him for years and so close......but just didn't make it!  I told Dean maybe we could just go to Gruene and walk the streets - surely we could hear him even though we might not get to see him.  :)

                                  Where Willie Nelson will perform this Sunday, Nov 16.

By the way, Gruene has some great shops.

                                                     One of the shops in Gruene.

By the way we made a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home.  Great blizzards!  Very impressed with the fact they brought them to our table, turned them upside down and they were mixed very nicely with the right amount of toppings.  One of the best we've had!

I think tomorrow we might head to San Marcos or Fredericksburg.  Luckenbach, TX is close and I must make it there as well - another Willie Nelson reminder.  Love that song!  We will probably head back north on Monday morning with the idea of getting home by late Wednesday or Thursday.  Last night it did get to about 31 degrees but tonight will only be about 33.  It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I do not miss the cold temps and wind chills you all are having.  We didn't leave Bentley until 10 or 10:30 this morning so we would miss the worst of the cold.  We've decided to have lunch out and just eat a snack in the evening.  Love trying the local fare!

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