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Travels with Bentley
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - Crawford County Fairground RV Park, Norman, OK

Last night was a long night!  For some reason I could not sleep.  Maybe it was me missing Joshua!!!   It was late when we finally when to bed and then I just tossed and turned .  The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 12:47 a.m.  I was awake again at about 1:30 or so and was really cold.  I got another blanket out and put heavier socks on and finally fell asleep again.  I woke up at about 7:00.  We are not in Texas anymore!  I really did not want to leave those warm temperatures behind. Cold on the way to Texas and now cold on the way home.  Ugh.

Once I did finally get around, we moved pretty quickly and left Bowie Texas at about 9:45 a.m.  Our trip today was not quite as long as yesterday - yea!  The drive was nice.  Shortly before we left Highway 81, we noticed there was a large oversize load in front of us with at least 3 motorcycle cops alongside of it in the left lane.  They were stopping the oncoming traffic lane for this truck/trailer so it would have plenty of room. Shortly beyond that we noticed electric bucket trucks holding up electrical wires so this huge round contraption that was on the trailer marked wide load could get under the wires across the highway.  There was 5 or 6 electric wires crossing the road in this area.  After they moved one, the truck with the electrician in the bucket would move down the road to the next wire so they could raise it.  Then the motorcycle riders started up the down ramp from the opposite direction - the ramp that says "DO NOT ENTER".  What?  We then realized this "round thing" could not make it under the underpass in front of us. We've never seen this type of thing in Kansas!  It was all quite interesting and didn't slow us down too much. Things like this are just interesting to me - all they have to do to accomplish moving a product from one place to another is truly amazing.

Another interesting item from our trip today was traveling through the community of Duncan, OK. I was interested in Duncan because my maternal great-grandfather's last name was Duncan. I did a quick check on their website and the name came from the founder William Duncan.  I plan to do some checking on this with a cousin of mine.  One of my great-grandfather's children (my great-uncle) is still alive in the state of Delaware. Would be interesting if there was any relation to this particular Duncan.  My great-grandfather lived in Oklahoma, so who knows?

As we neared our destination, we came to a sign that says "Bridge is out ahead".  Sure enough as we approached the bridge it was clearly blocked, which caused us a moment of, "Now, what do we do?" There was no detour sign, so we hurriedly brought out our paper map and figured out a way to get through this and moved on.  A bit harried for a moment, but we worked through it and all turned out well.

Well, our new destination is Norman, OK.  We are staying at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds RV Park. The campsites are pretty close and I'm sure this is to provide as many camping spots as possible during their annual county fair.  I know it is this way when the county fair is held in Oswego.  Our small campground explodes with every type of camper during that week.  The coveted spots at the Cleveland Fairgrounds are along a fenced wall on the south side of the fairgrounds which provides good protection from the wind and most of the road noise.  The location is great.  There is an IGA grocery store immediately to the west of the campground, Wal-Mart is just a few blocks away and there are numerous restaurants on Porter Street, west of the fairgrounds.

We parked in a 30 amp spot.  There was one 50 amp available but it was pretty tight quarters, so we opted for the lower amperage as we really are not running anything but lights and computers.  We probably won't even turn heat on until in the morning.  Since I added the other blanket it will be plenty warm to sleep and it will warm up quickly in the morning with the furnace.  It is a great overnight or short term location.  The site also had water and sewer hookups.  The price was $15 a night so it was a good deal.  As it worked out for us - we had the last site on this row, and we never seen anyone at the travel trailer on the other side of us during our entire stay.

Here's a shot of how the campsites are set up here at the Fairgrounds.

We pretty much kicked back and relaxed after we completed setting up.  Dean worked on our route for tomorrow as he does not want to travel through Oklahoma City.  I caught up with some things on the Internet and worked on today's post for awhile, between playing Words with Friends with my good friend Cheryel and my granddaughter Dacy.

We decided neither of us wanted to cook, so I pulled up Trip Advisor for some help in locating a dinner location.  I suggested BBQ or Mexican and we opted to try the Mexican.  The restaurant rated best for Mexican food on Trip Advisor was Tarahumara's Mexican Cafe.  On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being best I would give it a 4.  My meal of chalupas was excellent.  I was not so impressed with the cheese dip (which was free) and the chips were not as good as ours at home.  The salsa was quite good and was a little spicier than most, which I like, but I had to ask for it.  I noticed most people had salsa on their tables.  We received the salsa shortly before our meal was served.  Dean wasn't that crazy about his meal of carnitas.  I did have some guacamole on one of the chalupas and wish I had ordered more because it was delicious!  So overall it was a good choice but not our very best Mexican.

We are headed to Salina, OK tomorrow.  We chose this because we felt we needed at least one more stop before arriving home to keep the miles below 200 each day.  Since we've started out we feel that is the magic number for us for a day's travel unless it is absolutely necessary.  We'll still have close to 100 miles to travel home from here on Friday.  I also have family in the Salina/Pryor area so hope to catch up with some of them as well.

Good night.


  1. Did you guys ever find out what the contraption was? I know that bucket trucks are used to handle power lines, but you don't see it being used that way often. Must have been quite a sight to behold!

    Jonathan Carroll @ Utility Fleet

  2. No we never did find out what it was, but it was an extremely interesting event to watch. Part of what makes traveling interesting - you never know what you may come across.