Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014  Beaver Lake Dam Site Park Campground

Well, I had a wonderful write-up for you but due to the poor connection I could not include the pictures I had taken so I saved it thinking I would add the pictures when we got to Russellville.  Unfortunately I cannot find the blog I wrote for April 2.
ERRR!  I will save it in word if this happens again.  You live and you learn don't you.  Anyway I'll share the pictures and tell you a little about them if I can get them to download.

Here is our camping site at Beaver Lake
This is to the left of the trailer, across the road.


These are pictures of the water.  Not sure what this is, but the water is very clear.
This is the road back up to our camping spot from the water.
This sign is just to the left of the road leading to the water.  Hope we don't see any rapid
rise of water while we are here!
Our campsite is below the dam about 1/2 mile or so.  We are on the White River.
Sorry I don't have more for this blog.  Lessons learned when you do something new!  Saving does not always work like you think it will.  Hope you enjoy these pictures.  Ill have more in the next post and hopefully a better blog for April 3.

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