Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday, April 9 & 10, 2014 Choctaw Casino RV Park, Durant, OK

Wednesday - April 9
Wednesday was pretty much a travel day.  We left Hot Springs about 10:30 and drove approximately 230 miles arriving in Durant, OK about 5 hours later around 3:30 p.m.  We got a late start because we had a really heavy dew last night and the slides were pretty wet.  You should not put the slides in while they are wet, or you will get it inside the rig, so we hung around a couple of hours longer than what we originally planned. 

Dean talked to a couple of the guys in the campground that morning and he found out we never want to call our "rig" a camper or trailer - it is a "rig".  We did not think we would have that much of a problem finding a site at the Hot Springs campsite since it was so early in the year.  He asked them about it - come to find out, it was the last weekend for horse racing.  I'm sure someone was glad that we left a spot open when we left today! 

I forgot to pack sandwiches before we left, so about half way we pulled off in a small town onto an empty parking lot.  We made a quick bathroom break and I quickly made some sandwiches, grabbed water, chips and Girl Scout cookies and off we were again.  I have to admit the drive on Hwy 70 from Arkansas to Oklahoma was much more Scenic to us that the drive down Highway 7 in Arkansas which is supposed to be a Scenic route.  It was pretty when you went by an area where there was a break in the trees into a valley, but most of the time you just saw tall pine trees.  Hwy 70 was through small towns, along side fields, pastures, ponds, old barns - the real countryside.  As I've mentioned before, everything is blooming and it is just so green, fresh and beautiful right now.  Renee, I could not help but think of Xander with all of the green beauty around us! 

Needless to say we were pretty tired when we finally arrived.  The first campsite where we've actually had a pull through (no backing), we thought this will be easy - and wouldn't you know it Dean had to back up twice before we were satisfied with where we parked.  We were too close on the left side and our slide would have gone into the bushes, and then we had to move back some if we wanted to put the awning out.  So far it's been too windy to do that, so not sure if that will end up mattering anyway.

Then we went to hook up and there is NO water hookup!  What?  Everyone else around us has water hookups - where is ours? We dug through the bushes next to us, knowing it had to be here somewhere - fighting bees, wasps and who knows other kind of bugs were flying around us.  I'm thinking oh no, not again!  Larry and Sandi will be rolling on the floor laughing at us after a third time of not checking first.  For the record it specifically says FULL hook-ups so I didn't think I should have to check.  So I dug around and found the sheet they gave us when we checked in at the office, found the office number and called to ask about it.  Oh yes, the receptionist says, you have water, it's in the bushes, just look around.  It's there somewhere.  Back we went, looking again!  Well, how about on the other side of the bushes in the neighbor's "yard"?  But, we have water and that is what matters! 

Finally got everything set up.  We visited with our neighbors next door (we are on the end of one row) who are a nice couple from Houston, TX, and another couple from Rusk, TX.  They just had their state Heartland rally in Santo, TX and several of them came on up to attend the Oklahoma Rally here in Durant.  Many of them plan their travels around the rallies around the US.  Heartland is the manufacturer of our 5th wheel.  They have several different models, ours is a Big Horn.  They have chapters in most states, however Kansas does not have a chapter at this time, so when we signed up on the Heartland Forum, their Internet site, I chose Oklahoma as our home state since we are closer to OK than Missouri.

Anyway we are here in Durant, OK to attend the Oklahoma Chapter Heartland Rally. 

I intended to do a little laundry tonight, but it was almost time for American Idol.  I figured we could go up and do the laundry afterwards, but after I slept through about half of it - needless to say laundry went undone tonight.  See you tomorrow.

Thursday - April 10
All that sleeping before bedtime kept me awake half of the night.  I woke up and it was 6:45 - I have so much to do today - of all mornings to sleep in!!  I still like getting up between 5 and 6 am - it's my best time of day!

At least Dean was already up and had the coffee made, so that was a good thing!  After coffee, we had our breakfast and then we gathered up the laundry and headed to the clubhouse here at the RV Park.  This park is amazing.  It has 77 parking spots which are very nice.  Nice pull-through concrete pads, with grassy areas and bushes between each pad.  Each site has a nice picnic table and benches with its own umbrella.  The office building/clubhouse has a very nice and very clean laundry, large bathrooms with showers, a very large meeting room with full kitchen, camping supplies available for purchase, swimming pool, fire pit and a dog park.  You can also refill your propane bottles on site.  They provide cable and Internet as part of the price of the campsite - very nice features.  The daily rate with the rally is $25.  If we came in on our own the rate would be $45 or $50 a night.  Needless to say we would not stay here unless it was an emergency.  $25 a night would be about our max price but we prefer $10-$15/night or less when we can find it.

We had the laundry done in about 2 hours and I came back to run the sweeper.  Tomorrow they are having tours of the "rigs".  Not sure if anyone will want to look at ours, but I intend to be ready - just in case!  Then I had to get ready - well, there's another hour or so.

Finally, about 11:30 I am ready to face the day.  We ate a quick sandwich and then off to Wal-Mart.  Tomorrow evening they are having a potluck dinner.  I am making Corn Dip so I needed a couple of ingredients for that, plus it seems we run out of orange juice, cereal, milk and sandwich meat/cheese every other day  -  not really, but sure seems like it goes that fast.  We have been doing pretty well on our eating - until tonight.  We went to eat at another Mexican restaurant - which wouldn't be too bad except for the chips and salsa.  Just like Lay's - I bet you can't eat just one - you're right, we can't!  Next thing you know it's 2 and then 3 basket of chips.  We waddled out but as usual the food was really good!  I had pork tamales and Dean had a fajita burrito.  The food was as good as Jose's in Hot Springs - but the salsa did not compare.

This afternoon they held a meet and greet at the clubhouse.  We met several different people from TX, OK, IN, and a few other states.  They provided a listing of all attendees which is nice if you want to stay connected or have names of other Heartland owners to ask a question about your rig, you can go to the Heartland Forum and find these folks. 

Tomorrow they have a full day for us!  Not sure if I'll get a chance to write tomorrow night or not, so if you don't hear form me I'll catch up as soon as I can.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!  I know many of you are glad it's Friday and I'm happy for you too!  I remember those days.

One last thing, I mentioned getting up late this morning and thinking oh no, I have so much to do.  I was upset because I wanted to get an early start - and then it hit me - I do not have to worry about this.  I have no deadlines except what I impose on myself.   There is nothing to get excited or worked up about.   Carol, as Dr. Marche would tell us at City Clerks conferences I reminded myself  "Just let it go!".  I can finally do that and it's a good feeling.  I wish that for all of you! 

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