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Travels with Bentley
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014 - Lake Dardanelle State Park, Russellville, AR

We slept in a bit this morning.  I woke up shortly after 6 and got the coffee started.  It was a bit cool this morning so I turned the fireplace on and grabbed an afghan to wrap up in.  Dean told me last night that we would be going out for breakfast this morning.  He usually does that on Friday mornings and he is missing Tina's!  But with moving yesterday we didn't have time to find somewhere to eat breakfast.

I did a search yesterday for places that served breakfast on Trip Advisor.  We seen a place rated pretty high called Scoby's so I think we'll try it.  It wasn't too far from the park.  When we pulled up I recognized it from yesterday.  It is an old dining car they have added on to and it sits right next to a beautifully restored depot.  I intended to get pictures of the depot but forgot to do that.  If we go back in to town tonight I will try and get one.  Here are a few of the restaurant and the train that runs around the top of the room inside.  Similar to Fritz's in KC.  The train is passing from one room to the next in this picture.

I did take several pictures at Stoby's including one of my breakfast which was DELICIOUS!!!  One of the things I love most about traveling is trying to find the best places to eat and trying different things.  Russellville has not disappointed!

As you go up the steps, there is a sign that says you can pull a rope to sound a real train whistle.  I was tempted but passed it up.  We were seated in the middle room, adjacent to the actual dining car.  I ordered the Amazing Benedict - which was Eggs Benedict with a Chipolte Hollandisse sauce with hash browns and Dean had Ham and Eggs with hash browns. 

After breakfast we went in search of a Laundromat.  It's been quite a while since I've done this but being on the road it is a must if you want clean clothes!  :)   It opens at 7am and we are hoping there will not be a crowd at that hour on a Sunday morning.  Who knows?  Might be a bit expensive at $1.25 or $1.75 a load - and you think water is high in Oswego.  Let's see - 5 loads max would almost buy me 1,000 gallons of water at home.  Dryer is .25 for 6 minutes of use.  This might be interesting. 
We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few things.   
From there we decided to try and take the back roads to the state park and followed what was called "Skyline Drive".  It was a beautiful drive that allowed you to oversee the downtown area.  As a side trip we discovered that Russellville also has a lock for boats to travel through.  There were none there but it was interesting to see it all.  Immediately adjacent was another beautiful park with a campground.  Lake Dardanelle is the site of a nuclear plant.   By the way the redbuds are in full bloom here as well as the forsythia, and dogwood.  Very pretty.
We cleaned up around the trailer and checked emails, looked at the route for tomorrow, checked out the campground, etc.  I printed a map of trails in the Hot Springs area that shows we can walk from the camp ground we will stay in to the downtown area if we choose.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy most of the day so we'll see.  We have decided to spend 3 days in Hot Springs rather than 2 as originally planned, and make a little longer trip to Durant from Hot Springs rather than a two day trip. 
The campground we are in at Lake Dardanelle has full hookups so today we got to take regular showers not those where you just get wet, turn water off, soap up, turn water on and then rinse type showers.  They get you clean but you just can't beat that water being on the entire shower time.  The camp in Hot Springs is full hook-ups too.  We might get spoiled because Durant is that way too!  Fortunately Hot Springs is a national park so we get a 50% discount on our daily rate there - thanks to my former co-workers at City Hall in Oswego.  Thank you very much!!  Another reason we decided to stay for 3 days!!! 
After lunch of ham/cheese sandwiches we took a walk around the campground.  It was a nice leisurely walk, with a few little hills to climb to give us some exercise.  They were having a boat tournament.  Just as we reached the tournament area most of the boats were coming in.  Unfortunately we missed the weigh-in because yours truly had to visit the Welcome Center and the bathroom.  It was about a mile from our campsite to the Visitor Center!  So all in all we walked about two miles in two hours.  Not sure we burned any calories but it was fairly warm even though it was cloudy.  Here are some pictures of the park that I took on our walk.

Our campsite.

This is the area where they announce the winners of fishing tournaments.
 This is a shot of the park area where people can picnic or just sit at view the water.


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