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Travels with Bentley
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 2014 - Ft. Hood Travel Park, Ft. Hood, TX

Saturday, April 26
After we finally got around this morning, we headed to Killeen.  Dean wanted to go by Lowe's and look for a small compressor he could store in the RV in case we need to add air to our tires or other possible uses.  We also visited Toys R Us looking for a birthday gift for another grandson, Gideon.  His birthday is coming up May 8th and we will be visiting him and his family in Wichita in about 2 weeks.  We haven't had much luck finding what he has on his wish list but we'll see if we can't find it before then!  It's hard to believe this little guy will be 5 years old.  They grow up so quickly.  We are really looking forward to seeing Heath and his family - wife Casey, and three boys Abram 6; Gideon 4 and Roman 3. 

I bought a pair of capris and a shirt at Academy yesterday and after trying them on again this morning, I decided I did not want them after all, so we also made a stop to return these.  While there Dean finally bought a case for his cell phone.  He's been looking for the "perfect one" for quite sometime, so I'm glad he decided.  I hope it works out for him.

We called Matt & Megan to see if they would like to have lunch from McAllister's.  They thought it sounded great.  We had about $2.34 left on a gift card that Heath & Casey gave us earlier this year and I wanted to use it up.  After we ordered I gave them the card, told them how much was left on it and that I wanted to put the balance on my credit card.  They rang it up, but instead of an additional charge that I would have to pay for - the gift card paid it all.  They called the manager over.  After he looked at it and asked a few questions, he said it's our mistake so it's on us!  WOW!  I offered to pay anyway but they said no.  I asked if this was a special card and if it would work like this at every McAllister's?  They told me I should hang on to it!!  HAHA

We took lunch to the hospital for Matt & Megan.  Dean and I ate our lunch in the waiting room.  The hospital room they are in is VERY, VERY SMALL!  It's one thing to set and talk, it's entirely too small for 4 people to try and eat lunch in with all of the coming and going of nurses, visitors, etc.

After lunch we stayed and visited for awhile.  There were a few other visitors who stopped by to see baby Josh and the new Mom and Dad.  It was nice to meet their friends. 

Dean and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and brought dinner back for Matt & Megan.  We all enjoyed our meals!!  Anything Italian is good in my books - but I really love their salads!  I almost always get just soup and salad.  We stayed for just a short while after dinner.  We then took some of the gifts they have received at the hospital by their house and picked up the stroller to bring back to them Sunday morning.  We had quite a time trying to figure out HOW to fold the stroller up in order to get it into the truck!  LOL! 

Just wanted to mention the RV Travel Park here at Ft. Hood.  It is a large park, but most of the RV's located here are owned by soldiers that live in them.  There is a small area (16 spots) where we are parked and this area is used mostly by visitors.  The park is very nice and clean.  We have full hook-ups and the cost is $18 per night.  There is a nice concrete picnic table at each site.  We can stay here since Matt is stationed here, otherwise it would not be available to us.  It's been very convenient except for the times we happened to be the vehicle selected for inspection when we return to base.  It's a random selection of vehicles coming in but we've managed to get two full inside and outside vehicle inspections since we've been here.  Not that it's a big deal it just take a while.  Typically when we return we are tired and ready to just be home.  Such is a life for a decent camping spot!

Sunday, April 27th
Today Matt, Megan and baby Josh are supposed to be released from the hospital!  They are so ready to leave.  They have been at the hospital since Wednesday evening around 9p.m. so you can imagine why!  The birthing room where Megan was until they moved her to the operating room was HUGE.  Lots and lots of room for everyone and still have nurses move around the bed, etc.  The room they are in now would fit in the birthing room at least 3 times, maybe 4.  Besides Megan's hospital bed, Joshua's crib is there, a large fold out chair for Matt to sleep on, as well as two other folding type chairs for visitors, and all of their luggage and gifts.  There's barely room to move.

We left here about 9:15 this morning to take the stroller to the hospital for the kids to use to push Joshua to the car. Even thought we took several things by the house last night, they still have more personal belongings to get to their car as well.  It is quite a long walk from their room to where the vehicle is parked.  You can not drive up in front of the hospital to load items, so the stroller will probably come in quite handy.  It was another interesting moment trying to figure out how to reopen the stroller!  Why do they make things so darn complicated?  :)

We thought it would be good if Matt, Megan and Josh could go home and get settled on their own so we took care of a few things this morning and then played a bit this afternoon.  We needed to do some more laundry so we headed to Copperas Cove.  The Laundromat was packed so we decided we would wait until this afternoon to see if it slowed a bit.  On the way back, we noticed a new road as we headed back to the rig.  We decided to turn around and take it to see if it would provide a better route when we head  toward home Tuesday.  It turned out it was nice as far as it went, but the roads from where it stopped and where we must reconnect with 195 Highway had too many low-hanging tree branches for us to take the rig down.  BUT, because of this detour we ran across another Laundromat that was just as nice as the last one we used, so we were able to go ahead and get that chore done!  Quite happy about that. I'm not sure how big Copperas Cove is but it's not that big - but they have 3 Dairy Queens - and we love Dairy Queens.  Believe it or not, we have not had any DQ stops since Durant - almost two weeks now, so we decided we should change that.  We surely picked the best one in town - and I truly mean the BEST!!!  I honestly cannot remember the last time someone made our blizzards and then turned them upside down like Dairy Queen is known for!!!  We are off to a really good start here!  Second, they actually knew how to make the Heath Cappuccino Blizzard and you could taste ALL of the ingredients; and most IMPORTANT - it was mixed from top to bottom with all ingredients and there was LOTS of Heath bar throughout the entire blizzard.  This place earned a +++ from us. 

After we had our dessert, we returned to the rig and had leftovers from a few nights ago.  Chicken tenders, mac and cheese and broccoli/cauliflower mix.  It was pretty good.  Even though we ate our dessert first and entrée afterwards - it was a great meal!

Well, I finally talked Dean into taking me to Round Rock to IKEA!!!!  I was so excited.  We found a route that did not take us into the heavy I-35 traffic and gave us a bit of new scenery.  In fact the road hardly had any traffic and was what appeared to be a fairly new road!!  The first and last time we went to IKEA we purchased a package of undercounter lighting for the kitchen.  It worked perfect and I've wanted to buy some more of them.  We were able to do that so now Dean has a new project when we get home.  This will be a great addition as my lighting is not as good as I would prefer, except where he has installed this lighting.  Can't wait to have it at all 4 work areas!

After that we searched for a BabiesRUs.  We could only find a ToysRUs at the Outlet Malls and again we could not find a present for Gideon.  We looked around for something else we thought he might like but nothing caught our fancy.  On the drive back to Killeen we chose to drive through Georgetown, TX.  It was a nice community.  They were having their annual "Red Poppy Festival" in the downtown area.  Unfortunately, it appeared to be ending as we came through.  

There is so much growth throughout Texas.  Everywhere we go there are new homes, new businesses, new roads, new schools, etc.  It's amazing!

Upon our return to Killeen we headed to Lowe's.  Dean started to try out the compressor today and after unpacking it, he realized it did not come with an air hose, so another purchase was needed.  We took care of that, then visited Toys R Us again to look at a couple of things for Josh.  We could not decide which items Matt and Megan wanted since there were so many choices on a couple of items we knew they needed, so we ended up getting a gift card - that way they can pick out the items they prefer rather than having to worrying about possibly exchanging something.

Once we got home I made salads for our dinner.  They were pretty good.  I had a couple of things I wanted to do on the computer so I drug out the laptop while Dean went out to play with his new compressor.  WOW - I knew they were expecting storms back home but was shocked to see some serious storms had occurred WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME!!!!  Baxter Springs, Galena and Ft. Scott all seemed to have some damage - and it appeared Baxter Springs was hit quite badly by a tornado.  Also, Quapaw, OK suffered extensive tornado damage and according to reports at least two deaths occurred.  (Note:  This morning this was changed to only one death.)  There have been too many of these in our corner of the 4-state area for several years now.   Our prayers go out to all who suffered losses during these storms. 

It was near or after 4p.m. today before they finally released the kids from the hospital!!!  Dean talked to Matt this evening and they were getting settled in.  They have a follow-up visit with the doctor tomorrow so we will head over there after lunch. 

We watched TV, spent time on our laptops and took a little walk around the part of the park where our rig is located later in the evening.  A very relaxing and quiet evening.

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