Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014 Choctaw Casino RV Park, Durant, OK

Even though it was about 68 when we left the 5th wheel this morning to head to the clubhouse for breakfast, it felt fairly cool outside.  It is VERY windy today.

We had a yummy breakfast casserole.  My goodness it must have been 4-5" thick.  I could not believe how good it tasted.  I found out yesterday the Resort has free coffee and cappuccino in the lobby every day so I ran in and got a cup of cappuccino as well.  It was excellent.

Following breakfast they had a drawing for special door prizes.  We purchased tickets for items such as a double folding chair, a portable ice maker, and various other things you would use for camping in a 5th wheel or motor home.  Dean really wanted the ice maker and wouldn't you know we missed it by one number.  Unfortunately when we bought our tickets the winning ticket had already been sold - since it was the number just prior to our first ticket.  Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Camping World gave the group a number of things to be given as additional door prizes.  We won a foldable foot stool which we will use when our fold steps are not quite low enough to easily step into the rig; and some cup/trays you can use when camping or at home.

An RV dealer in the area brought in 2 - 2014 models for viewing.  Everyone walked down to tour those afterwards.  As nice as they were and even though both had features I liked ALOT - I still prefer my floor plan over either of the new ones and would not trade just for the features I liked - as I could add those in my current 5th wheel. The number one improvement would be shades that just pull up and down versus the accordion type.  The accordion type are hard to get up and down when they are behind furniture that is not easy to get to.  I like lots of light so I want all of them open for the day.  I would also like to have slide covers - it's like a shade pull out over your slide outs.  It protects the roof to keep debris from falling on them and also limits the amount of water during rains, and it help keeps the unit cooler when it gets really hot outside.  We will probably add the pull over the slide outs down the road but the window shades are expensive and a convenience not a real need.

We came back and fixed a sandwich and just hung out here until about 3:15 or so when we would leave for dinner.  More on that later.  I had a bit of a headache and laid on the couch most of the rest of the day and even catnapped a bit, I think.

About 2:50 or so we got a knock on the door from Larry & Donna Keever, President of the Oklahoma Heartland Chapter asking if they could look at our unit.  Donna really liked the layout of our rig.  We visited with them awhile.  They are a very nice couple and Donna is a Jayhawker.  She is originally from Independence, Kansas and went to school at WSU.  Always fun to meet another Kansan!

After the Keever's left, we got ready to go eat dinner.  We were to be in line to go eat at B G Catch in Kingston by 3:15.  BG Catch is a buffet restaurant.  It opens at 4:00 and I guess you must be there at 4:00 if you want to get in right away because when we got there, there were already 15-20 people waiting in line outside.  By the time our group of about 30 people or so arrived, the parking lot was really full and lots of people had to wait for us to leave before they could go through the buffet.  The food was delicious - especially the fried catfish.  It was perfect.  They also had peel and eat shrimp, fried shrimp, chicken strips, corn fritters, hush puppies, Cole slaw and beans.  For dessert they had peach cobbler and what tasted like homemade ice cream.  VERY VERY GOOD! 

We were back home between 5:00-5:30.  It is just now 6:37. 

We have decided to stay here another day because the weather is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow.  So we will have everything ready to pull out on Monday night and leave about 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and drive through to Killeen.  It will be a long day but we think it's better than trying to fight rain.  It will probably take us about 5-6 hours.  If we leave here at 9:00 we should be in Killeen by 3:00 or so. 

Not sure what we'll do the rest of the evening.  I'd say go to the casino, but Dean said we might have to do that tomorrow because he's getting a little stir crazy.  I know we could not stand to do that tonight and again tomorrow.  We never win so we would either not be there long or we'd lose more money than we cared to do.  HAHA.


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