Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, April 19 and 20, 2014 - Ft. Hood RV Park, Ft. Hood, Texas

Saturday, April 19
As you know if you read the previous post, Matt called Saturday morning to see if we wanted to go eat breakfast with them.  Neither of us hesitated for a moment.  Breakfast is Dean's favorite meal to eat at a restaurant.  We chose a Mexican Restaurant, Taqueria Guadalajara that we had visited on a previous trip and enjoyed. 

We met them at the Restaurant which was pretty close to us.  I cannot remember the name of the dish I ordered but it included scrambled eggs, mixed with Mexican sausage, broken tortilla shells with a cheese sauce over it.  Sides included corn tortillas, bacon, refried beans and potatoes, similar to home fries.  It was delicious.  Dean had an omelet with the same sides and wheat toast.  I really love this place and wish we had somewhere closer to home for Mexican breakfasts.  We miss Pepe's that was in Chetopa.

Matt and Megan needed to go to Sam's so we tagged along.  We no longer have a Sam's card so we enjoyed this little side trip.  I found some really nice plastic 22 oz. colored glasses.  These will be really nice to have when we have family dinners, since I am short on this size glass for iced tea.  We also purchased two large bags of salted almonds.  Dean goes through these pretty quick and we saved about $5 by purchasing these compared to what we normally get at Wal-mart.  It's always just fun to browse Sam's.  Side note:  Our second date, Dean and I went to Joplin and stopped at Sam's.  They were having a big "sample" day with various foods.  Dean had never been to a Sam's before and he thought this was a great date!  HAHA  He loves telling people our first date he took me to McDonald's and our second he took me to Sam's for dinner; and I still went out with him again! 

We went back to Matt and Megan's and hung out for awhile before we played golf at 2:15.  Shortly before we left we had a sandwich- we didn't need too much after that big breakfast, but it will be a while before dinner, so we didn't want to get hungry on the course.

Dean and I scrambled against Matt (to save time) and Megan rode along.  Dean and I had a score of 50 and Matt had a 46.  Matt was pleased since it was his first game of the year.   The golf course is called Stonetree.  The name comes from a large stone that is in a tree on the 6th hole.  I've included a picture of it and one of Dean and Matt discussing their next shot.  It's a beautiful course and we enjoy playing it.  Typically Matt and I play against Dean and Megan but Megan can't swing a golf club too well right now.  :)

You will have to click on this picture to enlarge it to see the stone in the street. 

I'm sure this was a very serious discussion!

Here is another picture of the Texas bluebonnets that was taken at a closer range than the previous one I posted.  The are pretty in this picture, but seeing an entire field or yard of these beauties is just amazing!

We hosted dinner tonight.  After the golf game we stopped by the commissary to pick up some groceries.  Dean was grilling.  We had rib-eye steaks, roasted potatoes on the grill and a salad. 

For those interested the roasted potato recipe is from my sister Cindy.  I tear off a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil, spray it good with Pam (or similar type product), then add about two medium potatoes per person cut into bite sized chunks, add one or two onions (I cut them in half then quarter each half).  Add seasoning salt, pepper and dried parsley.  I added 3/4 stick of butter sliced into 1/2" pats then laid over the potatoes.  Seal your foil tightly along the length and then tightly fold in your ends.  Grill for approximately 1 hour, turning from side to side every 15 minutes.  Do not turn entirely upside down or you will lose all of your liquid.  You will lose some as it is, so don't worry.    These are so delicious! 

After we cleaned up the dishes, Matt suggested a game of Catch Phrase.  Did you know they have an app for your phone that you can use to play with a group--just like the actual game?  We played 3 games and I hate to admit that the guys won!  We had a great time though and laughed so hard I was just sure it would send Megan into labor - but no luck!!

The weather today was perfect.  Warm but a little overcast so it was very comfortable on the course.  it was a great day!


Sunday, April 20

Easter Sunday.  We got around this morning as we were meeting Matt & Megan so we could attend church with them.  They have two services each Sunday and we chose the early service which started at 9:00.  We had to be at their house by 8:40 and it takes about 15 minutes to get there. 

From the outside you would not know the building was a church but it is very nice inside.  It's a good sized church with a wonderful group of musicians leading the music.  While the songs were a bit contemporary for me - the music itself was very good.  Their pastor had an excellent sermon and easily held my attention.  It seems if I sit still for very long I have a tendency to get that eye dropping disease and never once during his message did my mind wander or my head bob!  That is a good thing!

Megan had heard of a place having Easter brunch near them so we thought we would try it out.  She made reservations for noon, and we headed over about 11:40.  While it was good, it was not nearly as impressive as it sounded.  The prime rib and horseradish sauce was the best item, I think.  Desserts were not too bad.  It included breakfast items of scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes (which were pretty decent), bacon, link sausage, biscuits and gravy, and an omelet station.  There were a few pastries, prime rib, chicken fried steak, ham, cheese and fruit table, spinach/strawberry/feta cheese salad and peel and eat shrimp. 

After lunch we headed back to Bentley to change clothes and pick up a pork roast for dinner.  We are going to do laundry tomorrow and I wanted to check out a Laundromat in Copperas Cove since it is quite close to us.  After deciding which Laundromat we would use, we headed back to pick up the needed groceries.  A nice little rain storm came up so when we reached Wal-mart Dean was going to drop me at the front door - an idea that every other person in Copperas Cove must have had!  The rain let up enough I could finally just walk to the front door - good thing as we set waiting for traffic to let up so Dean could turn to drive in front of the store to drop me off for quite a while.  I wanted orange juice and a pork roast - sounds easy, right?  Found the OJ pretty quick and headed to the meat department.  There was only a small selection of pork roasts left and a lady was standing right over them checking each one out - for what seemed like SEVERAL long minutes.  I kept trying to look around her, finally decided on one and asked her to excuse me so I could grab my selection and be on my way.  She was still trying to decide when I moved on!!  I hurried towards the front of the store, so busy watching foot traffic so I could dodge children and carts that when I reached the front I realized I had gone the wrong direction and I was now at the back of the store again!  Only me!!  I finally make it to the front of the store, get in the express lane (one of two) and yes, you guessed it - it is the S----L-----O----------W lane!!!!!!!!   I am in the store so long to get two things that Dean finally calls me to see if I am okay.  I should never be allowed to go to the grocery store when we are in a hurry!!!!

We returned to Matt & Megan's.  Megan was taking a nap, so I put the pork roast on for dinner.  We are having pulled pork and some sides (to be determined).  I checked my emails and Facebook (with the help of Matt's internet connection since I cannot receive anything except phone calls and texts on my phone as I have used all of my data storage for the month.)  I had a lot of emails so I enjoyed the time to read my travel blogs and see what is going on at home (Facebook is nice for this).  Loved all of the Easter pictures that were posted by everyone!

After Megan got in her nap (she didn't sleep well last night so she really needed some rest), we visited for quite awhile while Dean and Matt looked at a couple of projects they are going to try and accomplish this week while we are here. 

We watched "Thor" - can you tell Matt likes movies?  It was okay - not nearly as good as Captain America.  Dinner of pulled pork, and sides of baked beans and Steamfresh peas was delicious.  After the movie was over we headed back to Bentley about 8:30.

Another nice day!

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