Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014 - Ft. Hood Travel Park, Ft. Hood, Texas

I managed to sleep in this morning until about 6:45, which is pretty late for me.  Dean had the coffee made so that was really nice.  I checked emails and Facebook, especially looking for any more news on the tornado damage near our hometown.  Baxter Springs, KS and Quapaw, OK are located about 35 minutes to an hour from us.  Dean occasionally worked in Baxter Springs when he worked for Century-Link. 

We considered finding someplace to eat breakfast versus having our normal cereal, however I could not find a restaurant in Copperas Cove that served breakfast with really good reviews or that was smoke free.  So we ate cereal. 

After we had our showers, we headed to Copperas Cove to H-E-B Supermarket.  I think I mentioned I love this store!  Seriously the deli meat and cheese counter was at least twice as long as most large box store meat counters.  I've never seen so many selections with all kinds of different flavorings, such as chipolte; blackened, etc.  It would be fun to just try some of them.

We are going to Matt & Megan's later and I am going to fix dinner there.  Megan's favorite meal is roast, potatoes and carrots.  While my sisters and I were at my Aunt Lillie's (my mom's younger sister) a few weeks ago she made roast and it was so delicious that I've decided I am going to try this.  Hopefully it turns out as good as hers!  Yes, I've made roast many times, just never have done it the way she made hers.  I usually just throw everything in a crockpot with some seasonings and that's it.  It's good but does not hold a candle to Aunt Lillie's.  She told me at the time it's the way her mom made it except instead of putting it in a roasting pan in the oven, she cooks hers on the stove in a large skillet.  She flours both sides of meat and browns each side.  She then adds enough water to come about half way up on the roast.  Once it comes to a good boil, she turns it down to where it just simmers for about 3 hours.  My mom probably cooked hers this way too but I can't remember watching her do it.  That may have been by the time I paid attention we were into fixing roast with Lipton onion soup mix and Cream of mushroom soup over the roast.  It was always very yummy, but I think I like Aunt Lillie's better.  Dean and I love to make hash out of the left over roast beef and it is better if it does not have alot of other seasoning on it.

While at the store I picked up some fresh salmon steaks so Dean and I can try these out tomorrow night when we stop.  Dean will cook them on the grill.  It will be our first attempt at this.  Since Dean is grilling them I'm sure they will be perfect.  In all honesty, he is a better cook than me!  He won't admit it - but it is true!

Megan called while we were having our lunch of sandwiches here at the trailer.  They had just finished with their follow up doctor visit.  Joshua is doing well.  They have to make a trip to Wal-Mart and will let us know when they get home.  We'll go over and spend the afternoon with them.  It will be our last chance to see them all before we leave in the morning so we are looking forward to having this last visit with them.

Headed over to Matt & Megan's about 1:30.  We got there shortly before they did and I went ahead and got the roast going.  After they arrived and Joshua was fed, Papa and Nana got to cuddle with him.  He is just a beautiful baby.  He has the most beautiful complexion!  Today he had  his eyes open quite a bit and really studied his Papa alot!

The roast turned out pretty good - not quite as good as Aunt Lillie's but for the first time I was pleased.  I will definitely do this more in the future.

All too soon, it was time to head back home.  We did our final hugs with Matt & Megan and then little Joshua.  The next time we see him (around July 4th) he'll be about 2 1/2 mos. old.  Of course we are hoping for many pictures between now and then.  We will really miss him - and mom and dad too!  :)

We hit the road tomorrow morning for the trip home.  Tune in to see where Bentley is parking tomorrow.

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