Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014 - Ft. Hood RV Park, Ft. Hood, TX

We left Durant about 8:30 a.m. this morning.  The wind was really strong but fortunately it was from the north/west and we did not have to drive straight into the south winds we would have faced yesterday.  At times as we had to change direction it was a bit rough but mostly it was a good drive.  The scenery was very nice along this road.  We went out of our away a bit and it probably took us 30 minutes to an hour longer however we just do not enjoy the interstates.  There were large areas of Texas bluebells along the roads.  They are really beautiful.  I did not get any pictures but hope I can get some in the next day or so that I can share with you.  We were surprised that as dry as Texas is that it is so green here.  The different shades of green were beautiful on the hillsides, especially as we drew closer to Killeen.  From a deep dark green, to a bright yellow green (per Crayola crayon colors).  Cacti began to pop up here and there with fewer and fewer crop fields, but more and more horses and cattle.  Closer to Killeen we seen quite a few sheep as well.  We noticed quite a few pecan trees in this area as well.

We arrived at Matt & Megan's house about 3:15 today so it was a very long drive for us.  We really like keeping the driving to a maximum of three hours for a day - so we were really tired.  Pulling an RV is quite different than just pulling into a convenience store, fast food restaurant or other similar places along the road.  We made two stops along the roadside for bathroom breaks and a third one to get fuel and another bathroom break.  I made sandwiches and brought some chips and almonds along with a couple of bottles of water. 

We visited with Megan a bit, and then we drove about 15 minutes or so to the Welcome Center on base to obtain a temporary pass that will allow us to come and go on base.  Megan drove us over.  After sitting in one area at the Welcome Center for about 20 minutes, they told us we could go next door and obtain the pass quicker.  We had to take a number upon our arrival at the first area - we had 2 numbers to go when we left the first building.  Upon arrival at the second building, we had to take another number - we had about 5 in front of us!.  Not sure we saved any time, but we were soon at the counter and obtained the necessary paperwork.  So back to Matt and Megan's we went to get the RV.  Upon our arrival at the base entrance nearest the RV Park we had to pull it into a large Quonset hut and they inspected the RV and the truck.  We finally made it to the RV park where we pulled into the last available space.  By then it was nearly 5:30.  Megan headed on home to make supper and we got the RV set up.  This was our second pull-through space - and it wasn't any easier to get in to than the last pull-through.  We were too close on the left to put the slide out, and then too far over on the right and off the concrete pad.  After an attempt or two to fix that, Dean finally just pulled out and drove through a second time.  I think we agree, backing in seems to go better for us!  HA HA  About an hour later everything was set up, slides out and we headed back to Matt and Megan's.  Megan fixed a wonderful dinner - grilled salmon steaks, brown rice and sauteed green beans.  It was very, very good.  Megan has given us an entirely new perspective on salmon! 

We visited a bit and then we headed back to the RV.  Matt had early PT the next morning and we were both exhausted.  I think Megan was pretty tired too after all the running around she had to do with us today.  We had not seen them since October and so even though we expected Megan to look a little different at full-term pregnancy it was still a surprise when she opened the door.  She had changed a bit since last October when she was barely showing.  They have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so we are excited to hear what the doctor has to say about Joshua and his impending arrival. 

Not much news today but hopefully more interesting things to report in the upcoming days.

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