Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Finally! Day 1 of our first major trip

I woke up early this morning - anxious for what the day would bring.  Coffee, laundry, quick clean-up of the house, packing Bentley, marking items for a garage sale, and some last minute phone calls for bills, papers, etc. I knew I needed to get going.

Of course coffee is the most important start to our day.  This is my quiet time to check emails, Facebook or Pinterest - whatever looks interesting for about an hour or so - between loading, unloading washer/dryer, etc.

After that I picked Haleigh up and took her to school (last time for awhile).  Have to admit this is what will be the hardest - not seeing the grandkids for a month or so - however, other than the ride to school sometimes we go that long without seeing them when we are at home; and most of the grandkids are within 20 miles or less.  We all lead busy lives.  As they get older the busier it gets.  We did manage to see all of the kids and grandkids the week before we left except Jarred and Andrea.  We will be going to Wichita the weekend after we get home though so they can hear first hand about our travels! 

We rushed through our work and were on the road at 11:50 or so.  Despite the fact it was a windy day our ride to Indigo Sky Casino RV Park, Wyandotte, OK was uneventful.  It was about a hour's drive.  We chose this location for a few reasons.  One it was still close enough to home that if we forgot anything really important we could still make a trip back home to retrieve it; and we had some visiting to do in the area. More on that later.

Upon arrival we scoped out the park and decided on Lot 22.  The back of the trailer over looked a hill to the east.  Even though the highway was just below us we didn't notice much road noise.  Our bedroom is to the west so we thought it wouldn't be too bad for sleeping (noise wise) and the hillside was pretty out our window.  Dean got the front jacks down, chalks under the back tires and we proceeded to level it up.  Well, the site wasn't too bad level wise front to end - but we soon found out from side to side wasn't near as level as we thought.  So back to the drawing board.  One side on the back came off the ground, so we had to get out the leveler's.  First lesson, check both ways before beginning the leveling process.  Fortunately that didn't take too long and we were soon set up and ready to eat.  All that work made us pretty hungry and after all by then it was almost 2:00.  Way past our lunch hour!

I had made chicken and noodle soup a few days earlier so it was easy to reheat some of that quickly.  Tasted pretty darn good too!  We cleaned up the dishes then headed to the casino to pay for our spot.  I had called ahead and they told us to pick out our spot, get set up and then come up and pay.  That was nice.  We were surprised to see there were a number of trailers here - about 9/10.  The spots are very close together.  I think if you were able to put your slides out and your neighbor did too, we could hold hands.  Glad everyone had LOTS of room.  Not sure how many spots total but at least 40 so everyone was nicely spaced.  They provide 50 amp electric and water for $10 a night and have a dump station on site.  They provide rides from the park to the casino by golf cart.  Don't know if we will make it to the casino or not, since we are not much on gambling.  We are both still recovering from colds and just walking in the door to the hotel yesterday was enough smoke for me!  :)

After FINALLY getting our campsite paid for (they were having computer problems) we headed back to Bentley so I could get things settled.  Dean was on his own this morning for making sure everything was tied down and secured in the trailer (which I usually take care of) while he gets everything ready on the outside.  His left elbow has really been bothering him so after all of the readiness and setting up he was pretty miserable.  He rested it a bit while I got things put away and made a dessert for our company tonight.  I mentioned we had visiting to do in the area.  Tonight my step-dad, Larry and wife Verna are coming for dinner.  Indigo Sky sets just outside of Seneca, MO in Oklahoma.  Larry & Verna live just northwest of Seneca.  Perfect for a visit with them.  Dean grilled his famous hamburgers, Verna brought potato salad and I made a peach crisp in the convection/microwave.  I was a bit nervous about this as I've never used a convection oven before, but my friend Peggy told me it was easy - and she was right!  It turned out pretty darn good and I noticed everyone ate it right up - with the "no sugar" ice cream we picked up before leaving Oswego.  Verna also brought some chocolate cake they had left over from a church dinner that she left with us.  Two pieces will go in the freezer but we are having some with that special ice cream tomorrow!  :)

We had a great visit with Larry & Verna.  Larry has been working at their church on several projects with a group of guys.  I know he enjoys this - he's always done construction work and he's good at it so I know his knowledge comes in really handy for them.

After they left, Dean and I turned on Dancing with the Stars - one of our favorite shows.  It was really good tonight.  I barely made it through without falling asleep so we headed to bed not to long after that.  See you tomorrow!

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