Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014 - Choctaw Casino RV Park, Durant, OK

Woke up to overcast skies this morning and about 61 degrees.  We got around this morning and had our breakfast and I did some more cleaning in case anyone wanted to look at our rig.  We were meeting at the clubhouse and then would walk as a group to take the rig tours.  I think we toured about 10-12 of the different Heartland 5th wheels parked here for the rally.  I was proud of ours.  No one had seen this particular floor plan and they loved the big windows we have in our rig.  With the windows open it seems so much larger than it is.  There were some perks to some of the others, especially the longer units.  Our neighbor's is 40' long and ours is 36.5'  It is amazing how much more will fit in 3.5' of space.  I've decided that maybe going without a washer/dryer is the way to go to have the extra space.  Surprisingly only 2-3 of the couples have washer/dryer units in their rigs. 

Jennifer - everyone loved the sign "This is the Life" that your mom gave us!  Here's a picture of our decorations - the one from Lou (Jennifer's mom) and one from Carol, my right hand for the 29 years I served as City Clerk - that says "This is our Happily Ever After".  You'll also see a small plant in the photo.  This is the only plant I still own.  I kept it because it was small enough to keep in the 5th wheel but it is also very special to me.  It was a Mother's Day present from our granddaughter Kamron when she was 2 years old.  I still remember her carrying it in and giving it to me.  Thanks sweetie!
(By the way if I have not already mentioned it, I think you can click on the pictures to make them bigger when you are reading the blog and get a much better view)

Dean hung out with the guys during the tour.  He enjoyed it I think.  Once I got back it was time for lunch.  I asked Dean if he wouldn't eat the left over pork chops from the other night or I was afraid they wouldn't be any good.  He jumped right on that.  I made a quick sandwich. 

At 2:00 they were playing sandbag baseball at the clubhouse.  That definitely perked Dean's interest as he is a big baseball fan (especially if it involves playing).  They divided everyone up in to 2 teams by letting each person draw a chip from a bucket that was marked with either an "A" or a "B".  We divided up and set in a row on either side of about a 4-5' wide aisle.  At one end of the aisle is a strip of blue tape.  You must stand behind this and throw 3 bean bags towards a board at the other end that has holes in it.  The holes are marked FOUL, OUT, 3 bases, 2 bases, 1 base or HOME RUN.  There are 3 chairs behind the board.  If you land with the bean bag half in/half out it does not count - it must go in the hole.  If it goes in the hole and comes back out it still counts if you land on one of the base runs.  If you hit the foul on your last throw you get another turn.  The A team beat the B team in the 10th inning and you'll never guess who ended up making the winning run for Team A - well, it was not yours truly but the other half of this great duo!  I unfortunately was on Team B.  Team B got a chance to come back but we didn't make it.  It was fun and took about an hour or so of time.  The winners received little pins that read:  1st PLACE; Sand Bag Baseball; 2014 HOC (Heartland Owners Club) Spring Rally; Oklahoma Chapter; Durant, OK.  Here's a picture of the baseball board.

We came back to the 5th wheel resting before a potluck dinner at 5:00.  I decided to make Mexican Corn Dip.  I thought about making a peach or apple crisp, but someone told me they usually end up with a lot of desserts.  Tonight it will probably be the other way around!

The meal tonight was delicious - lots of good food.  They had a speaker, Col. James Wilhite, USAR (Retired) who talked about a project he was in charge of in Afghanistan.  He was charged with building the National Military Academy  in Afghanistan and accomplished it in less than 6 months with very little resources.  He wrote a book about the project called "We Answered the Call".  We have purchased one and look forward to reading it.

By the way - there was plenty of desserts including a really yummy brownie, with frosting and lots of nuts.  Carolyn - made me think of yours!

Afterwards we headed back to our cozy home.  We called Matt and Megan to find out how things were going with their air conditioner.  It quit working earlier this week.  Fortunately they sent someone out to fix it - a quick fix and they are now cool again (it's already hot there) and Megan is as comfortable as she can be in the last week or so of pregnancy.  We will head that way when we leave Durant.  Our plan is to be at Killeen by Tuesday.  We'll split the distance up since we have about 350 miles to travel yet.  Not sure where we'll spend the night Sunday and Monday and will probably spend some time tomorrow looking at our options.  We prefer to stay at least two nights if we can.  It's not a huge amount of work to set up and tear down but enough we don't like to do it every day if we don't have to.   This is a bit of change in our plans by a few days.  We originally planned to arrive in Killeen on Thursday, April1 17.  However, Matt is leaving his command since they will be leaving the Army in a couple of months in order for him to attend law school this fall.  They are having a ceremony Wednesday morning, April 16 to recognize the change in command.  It was originally set for last week and we were not going to be able to attend; but due to the recent events at Ft. Hood the date was changed and fortunately that works perfectly with our travels.  We are really looking forward to being able to attend and be around when little Joshua arrives.  A new baby is always such an exciting event and it's never failed to be as exciting as it was with our first grandchild - which will be 15 years ago next month.  There's just something about the wonder of a new baby that is forever special!

Following the phone call, we discussed going to the casino - but neither of us were very excited about that, so we decided to go ahead and get fuel and make a trip by DQ for some ice cream.  Yum! Yum!  While we were in Russellville we stopped at a DQ and we were horribly disappointed - first of all in the service.  I've never been in a more disorganized DQ EVER!!  It was a new store and set up differently than any we've ever seen before.  I'm not sure if that was the problem or the management but we've never had a wait like that.  We both ordered blizzards.  Neither was mixed well - all of the topping was right at the top in Dean's.  I ordered a mint Oreo (which I had never had before).  I could not taste any mint and there was hardly any "Oreo" in it at all.  We were a little apprehensive about going to another DQ we were not familiar with but Durant's DQ came through with flying colors!  I think that is a good thing- except we don't really need the extra calories.  I did begin getting the small though - it makes me feel better about my choice!  LOL!

On the way to get the fuel (Wal-Mart was $.12 less a gallon than a station a block away) I started getting sleepy and barely had my blizzard finished than I was ready to hit the sack.  My head barely hit the pillow and I was out.  See, ice cream is good for something!  :)


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