Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - Pelham Park, Bowie, TX

We got up and around early this morning as we had a lot to do since this is our first travel day in two weeks. This has been a good spot to be in but we are ready for a change - except for leaving Joshua and his parents. We will miss them.

We pulled out of Ft. Hood Travel Park at 9:42 a.m. and headed west towards Highway 281.  It was a nice ride, despite the wind.  Our mpg was not nearly today as we headed north- into the wind - as it was on the trip down - when the wind was with us.  About 2-3 mpg difference!

Believe it or not we only made one stop between Ft. Hood and our final destination. That's quite an achievement for me.  I really like having our own bathroom with us wherever we travel.

I made a note that if we make it back to this area again I'd like to spend some time in Mineral Wells, TX. There are several large RV parks in the area and it looked like an interesting town.  There is a very large building located in the downtown area that really piqued my interest. You can tell it is an abandoned building but it must have played an important part in the community.  I'm not sure how many floors but I would guess 10-12 at least.  It has a large dome like top on it with what looks like a large balcony.  The one drawback to pulling a large fifth wheel, is you can't just stop anywhere to take a look or get pictures.  I did try to take one as a drive-by but it didn't turn out too good.

We arrived in our new destination of Bowie, Texas at about 3:15 or so.  Bowie is a town of about 5,200. Pelham Park is on the east side of town in a large recreational area that includes their community center, playground area, soccer fields, rodeo arena and the RV Park.  The park is small - only about 12 camping spots.  There are not many trees which did not matter to us today.  The temperature when we left Ft. Hood was 70 degrees or so - it was 66 when we arrived in Bowie.  The wind was really strong so it was cool enough we both changed from shorts/capri's into blue jeans and me from flip/flops to tennis shoes.  We did not need shade today.  Each site is similar to a chip and seal pavement, with lots of green space around the park area.  There is also a walking trail that a few locals seemed to be utilizing.  They have 50 amp electric and water hookups for $15 per night with a 7 day maximum stay.  We would stay here again.  They also have a dump station as you leave the campsite.

After we got the rig set up and rested for a while, we took a tour of the town.  They have some interesting looking flea markets.  If we had more time I'd like to visit them.  Other than that, we did not see much that caught our eye - well, except they do have a Dairy Queen!

We had originally planned to grill our salmon steaks tonight but due to the heavy winds Dean did not want to try grilling, so we opted for a local restaurant - Sweet Boy's Diner.  We both had the chicken friend steak.  It was what they were known for, per the menu.  It was pretty good.  Not the best we've had but certainly better than some.  I don't think anyone will ever be able to beat Treva's (former cafe in Oswego) chicken fried steak.  Sweet Boy's meal was served with a side salad, homemade rolls and 2 sides.  We both chose smashed red potatoes and mac' and cheese.  Fortunately we both ordered the small size and it was just perfect.

The wait staff wore T-shirts with the following slogan on the back, "Every mama has a Sweet Boy".  Hence, the name!

Unfortunately we were so full from the dinner than we even passed on a DQ visit!  We really didn't need it after that dinner anyway.

Check in with us to see where Bentley is taking us Wednesday.

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