Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - Shopping at Coachlight RV Store, Breakfast French Toast & Weiner Roast

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - Shopping at Coachlight RV Store, Breakfast French Toast & Weiner Roast

I woke up once in the night and realized it was raining.  I enjoy hearing the rain when we are in the RV - as long as it is not a deluge!  It was just a nice pitter-patter type sound that just lulled me back to sleep.  When I woke up it was almost 6:00!  I wonder if this sleeping late is going to become a habit - honestly, I hope not as I like my quiet mornings with my coffee while I enjoy reading and/or listening to music.

After our coffee we walked 2.22 miles, 17:19 min/per mile.  The walk here is nice as the park sits on a hill that requires us to gain some elevation.  I like the challenge of that.

A few pictures of the park while on our walk this morning:

Entrance to the park

This is from the park entrance road overlooking the campground.

Coachlight sells RV's - both new and used

Welcome to our Escapees group

Leaves are falling fast!


Our Bentley

Keith/Drena on the right, Stan/Linda on the left

Dean/Cheri on the right, David/Donna on the left

After breakfast we heard a knock at the door.  Dean opened it to find Stan with a bowl of french toast bake his wife Linda had made.  She wanted to share some with each of us.  How very nice and how delicious it was!  So delicious, I asked if we could get a copy of the recipe and she sent each of us one.  

Dean wanted to walk next door to Coachlight's RV store and take a look around.  After making a slow walk through, we left there with a new fan for our refrigerator (ours broke recently), a new water filter and some caulk.  We always enjoy looking at the gadgets in RV stores.  We tried out a couple of recliners and agreed they were quite nice and very comfortable - just not on our "to buy" list today!

This morning we congregated at the clubhouse and visited for awhile while Drena taught us more about apps we can download to our phones - this time about food apps such as Subway, McDonalds, Popeyes, etc.  Wow I am amazed at the deals you can get through these fast food places, so I downloaded a few that we like to stop at, along with Cracker Barrel and Golden Corral - I'm beginning to feel like I'm growing older as I type these.  Lol!  Dean made the comment to me the other day I see why everyone talks about a fixed income when they retire - it never increases as much as prices do.  I guess that is why we need to look at every possible way to save money - if we can get two Quarter Pounder Cheeseburgers at McDonald's for the price of one, why not take advantage of it?  Now, the other half of being a senior citizen is remembering that I have the app on my phone, and then how do I use it?  

We headed back to Bentley about 1:30 where we made a quick sandwich before heading to Walmart.  Donna is making a breakfast casserole in the morning and we are all going to bring a little something.  I'm taking granola and sliced almonds to add to the yogurt that Drena is bringing.  I also bought some tea to have on hand.  I've been cold today for some reason and I needed something to warm me up.  I could not find the hot chocolate mixes I love but they are so high in sugar content anyway I really do not need them.

We made one last stop at Lowe's.  We have a storage drawer underneath our couch.  In fact if you  have been reading our blog you might have remembered we had the rig almost a year before we even knew it existed.  We went over some railroad tracks in Mississippi, and when we got to the next RV park we found the drawer all askew.  I was so surprised when I discovered it had a nice storage area.

We have fought this drawer off and on (pun on words since it's off almost as much as it is on) since then.  We looked to see if Lowe's might have a new drawer slide so we could just replace the ones we have.  We did find some but we weren't sure of the size so we'll check that out when we get back to see if they will work.  The slides at Lowe's are definitely much stronger than what is on the drawer now.  Well, the slides on the drawer are 12" and Lowe's smallest size was 14".  Dean's going to see if the 14" will fit and if so we are going to give those a try.

The storage drawer under the couch is just sitting on the ground for now.

The sun is shining and it is really beautiful out however the wind is cooler today.  Here is my view as I am working on the blog.

Not a bad view.  The leaves on the trees look much prettier than this picture indicates.

We've had a great time with these 3 couples this week.  It has gone by so fast.  We will be heading home after breakfast tomorrow as we still have some work to do before we close on the house Monday afternoon.  I have a doctor's appointment Monday morning in Joplin.  His office staff called this morning and changed my 8am appointment on Monday to 10am so that means we may go ahead and move the RV to the RV Park before we go to Joplin rather than after we get back.  You never know how long you'll be in a Dr.'s office, and we want to move the RV before the closing takes place.  It's always something.....

Tonight we had a weiner roast.  I brought the last batch of the hot dogs I bought from the Oswego Locker.  I purchase them frozen and have used some out of the pack several times.  The park has a really nice fire pit outside of the clubhouse.  The guys had the fire going and by 5:30 we were cooking our dogs.  We had chili, cheese, relish, ketchup, and mustard to go on the dogs, along with cole slaw and chips.  For dessert we had more pecan pie with ice cream or dream whip.  It was all delicious!  About 7, we headed back to our respective rigs for the evening.

We will have breakfast at the clubhouse with everyone before we leave tomorrow.  I know it will be delicious.  Fortunately for us it is only an hour drive back home so we should be home before noon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Instapot Dinner

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Technology and Instapot Dinner

I was up around 4:30 this morning, made the coffee and set down to read my Bible for awhile.  I started reading earlier this year with the intent of reading the entire Bible in 1 year.  I did great until we went to Kentucky/Ohio, and then when we returned home we've been so busy with the house I have had a hard time getting back to reading everyday so now I'm trying to catch up for all the times I've missed.  I feel certain before the year is over I will be back on track and finish out okay, and I really enjoyed reading it this morning.

After Dean got up and had his two cups of coffee he asked me if we were going to walk.  We both agreed we should.  It rained in the night and it was definitely damp this morning but we enjoyed a nice walk here in the park and out near the main entrance that leads to the camping store that Coachlight owns next door.  We walked 2.29 miles at an average of 16:40 min/per mile.  

After breakfast Dean walked down to Keith & Drena's rig to have coffee and I showered, washed dishes and made the bed.  I am driving the ladies to the Carthage Walmart to pick up a few things we need for our Instapot Meal tonight at 9:30.

I wanted to get some hand lotion because I have two fingers where the skin is cracked around the nails.  Drena suggested I try O'Keefe's Working Hands hand cream that  guarantees relief for extremely dry, cracked hands.  They are so sore I am willing to give it a try.  I guess I'm going to have to get the rubber gloves out to wash dishes.  I do have to admit my fingers aren't nearly as sore tonight as they were this morning so I hope that means it is working.

After returning from Walmart we gathered at the clubhouse where Drena and I tired to download a ringtone for Dean's phone but no matter what we tried we could not make it work.  We took a break for lunch to each of our respective rigs and then we gathered back at the clubhouse to play a game that Donna brought.  We selected a card with a topic and then we had to try and guess the answers provided on the card.  We had some great laughs.

About 4 everyone headed to their rigs to gather up what was needed for our part of the meal tonight.  We are using our Instapots to make most of our evening meal.  Drena made quartered potatoes cooked in butter and deviled eggs.  Linda made glazed carrots.  I made smothered pork chops and used both mine and Donna's Instapots.  Donna made a pasta salad.  For dessert Linda brought pecan pie and ice cream.  What a wonderful meal we had and we enjoyed using our Instapots.

Enjoying our meal.

Front Left to Front Right
Keith, Stan, David, Dean, Donna, Linda and Drena.

Instapots and our meal.  Coachlight set up pthe table and decoration for our get together.

Instapots being used to make smothered pork chops.  All the food was excellent!

It cooled off quite a bit since we walked this morning .  I hope it warms back up in the morning in time for our walk tomorrow.

Good night!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017 - Camping with Friends, 2018 Travel Plans - Carthage, MO

Monday, November 17, 2017 - Camping with Friends, Carthage, MO

When I work up this morning I thought it must be near 4:30, and was quite surprised to see it was only 2:30.  I rolled over and hoped that I would go back to sleep.  The next time I checked my phone it was 5:30.  So thankful I went right back to sleep and rested so well.

Now coffee was calling my name.  In no time I had a hot cup in hand, and pulled out my Kindle to read on my Bible app this morning.  After my second cup of coffee I was getting ready to read a few blogs when Dean asked if we were going to walk or not.  I said sure, so we changed into something a little warmer and headed to Riverside Park.  It was such a nice morning - about 51 degrees, no wind and we walked 2.32 miles in 16.45 min/miles.  

Once we returned home and ate breakfast we both got busy.  I had several errands to do this morning, cutting Dean's hair, depositing funds at the bank, pick up a T-shirt I had ordered to support a friend who is battling cancer, mailing some cards and submitting an address change to the post office, picking up groceries at G&W, dropping off old prescriptions at the Sheriff's Dept., and making a call to the city to get a special pick-up at the house on Wednesday and giving them a date to close out our account for utilities effective Monday, November 20.  Once I returned I helped Dean get hitched up for our 3 day camping trip at Carthage, MO with three other couples.  We are looking forward to a little down time and just enjoying being with some great friends.

We left Oswego at 10:33 and pulled into Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, MO around  11:45.  We stopped at the office and went in to register.  We had to wait for about 15 minutes before someone showed up to get us signed in.  He explained he was the only one there today and he seemed to be wearing a lot of hats while doing so.  

Soon he was leading us to our site, number 21.  What a great location - the site was the most level site we have had in a very long time.  We pulled in and basically stopped - without having to move forward or backward, and it was already level to boot!  We liked this and wish it was always this easy when parking - not that it is typically that hard but usually there is some kind of maneuvering to do.

This last week has been so busy that I've not had time to clean Bentley the way I prefer to have  him looking, so once we had the slides out I moved things out of the way and vacuumed the living area, bedroom, bathroom and the steps/landing to upstairs.  Wow, what a difference that made.  I also did some dusting and got everything in place.  All in all it took me about 30 minutes.  This is my kind of cleaning!

We had some left over pizza from Friday and we shared that for our lunch.  For some reason the large drawer under our couch fell off the rail on one side on the way here today.  Dean has fixed this two or three times but today we could not get it to go back in place.  We'll deal with it when we get back to Oswego.

About 2pm, two more rigs showed up within a few minutes of each other and by the time they were parked the last rig for our group drove in.  After everyone was settled and had set up we walked down to Keith and Drena's rig with our chairs and visited for a couple of hours.  Drena made some coffee - it tasted great with the temperatures starting to drop.  At 4:30 we discussed dinner options and decided on Mexican at El Charro.  Everyone seemed quite pleased with their meal selection.  We returned to the park about 6:30 to our respective rigs for the evening.  

Here it is 8:06 and we just turned on Dancing with the Stars.  We missed half of it.  😒 

I spent the rest of the evening doing some preliminary planning of travels for 2018, including our trip to South Texas for Jan-March, and from Sedalia, MO to Grand Island, NY via Canada to see son Matt and family for most of the month of June.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017 - Weekly Sister-fest, Fall Leaves and Popcorn Memories

Sunday, November 12, 2017 - Weekly Sister-fest, Fall Leaves and Popcorn Memories

This morning was overcast but much warmer so for the first time in several days we headed to Riverside Park for our morning walk.  Other than the really cold breeze "blasting" us from the open area along the bluff it was quite nice.  Wow, have the trees changed since we were here last - the leaves are falling fast.

I love our park.  This is along the bluff - still some beautiful colors showing here - and look at all of the leaves on the road.

I had to leave the road and walk over to the edge of this bluff that overlooks our water plant.  These are the trees across the road from the plant, still a lot of beautiful colors!

I posted a picture of this tree last week - look at all of the leaves on the ground now.

I managed to catch a few leaves falling from this tree as we walked by.  

We walked 2.5 miles in just under 17 minutes per mile, slightly slower than our last walk.  The weather is supposed to be really nice this coming week, so I hope that means we will be walking every morning.  

After returning to Bentley, we had our breakfast and then I got ready for church.  When we first started going to Sherman for church I dreaded the drive, but now I really enjoy it.  There is something soothing about driving in the country especially at this time of year when the trees are so pretty.   

Today is sister Cindy's day to have our weekly sister-fest.  I called her to see if I could do a load of laundry while I was there - I wanted to wash the shirts I bought at Kohl's yesterday, along with a few other items.  I gathered those up, along with some hangars and headed to her house, where I tossed them in the washer before everyone else showed up.

Our Aunt Lil, my mom's youngest sister joined us today and that was really nice.  We had a great visit and enjoyed a wonderful 7-up cake Cindy had for us.  She also was kind enough to have a pot of coffee made, which today I really enjoyed.

We typically spend a couple of hours with each other so shortly after 3 we all headed home.  I had a list of things I wanted to get done yet this afternoon before we leave for our campout at Carthage tomorrow with three other couples.  I got busy defrosting the freezer in Bentley, changed the sheets on the bed, we skyped with our son Matt and his family in New York, fixed dinner, swept the floors, did the dishes and readied the coffee pot for tomorrow morning.  The weather is supposed to be great and we are looking forward to a couple of days of fun, then we'll return home Thursday to finish up the last few things we need to do before we close on the house Monday, November 20.  

After all of that, Dean and I settled in to watch a new Hallmark movie and of course he needed his Sunday night popcorn.  A reminder of my childhood as my dad almost always made popcorn for us on Sunday evenings as we all watched TV together.  Sometimes if we were lucky we might even get a small glass of pop to go with it.  What a treat that was!  I still have the wooden popcorn bowl he used.  One of the few things I could not give up in this life changing event we are about to undertake.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - Finishing Things Up

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - Finishing Things Up

I really was tired from all we accomplished yesterday and slept in until 5:30 this morning - late for me.  I felt well rested though.  I turned the coffee pot on and set down at my laptop to write up a post from yesterday's activities when my cell phone buzzed.  My sister Cindy was checking to see if I was up yet.  When I said yes, in seconds my phone rang.  She was looking for a new vacuum cleaner in Joplin yesterday and one of their stops was at Khol's.  I had asked her if she had time would she see if they had any of their long sleeved t-shirts out yet, and if so, to pick out 3 for me.  She wanted to let me know they never even looked for them.  She said the parking lot was packed, there were no carts available and after they found the vacuum she wanted they went straight to the register, paid and left.  She wanted to let me know she still had her 30% coupon if I had the chance to go and could use it if I wanted. 

After we visited a bit, I worked on the blog post from Friday.  Once breakfast was over and my chores were done in Bentley I headed into the house to do a few things.  I needed to gather up everything left in the house that will not be staying for the new owners.  (I am leaving several pictures, decorative items, etc. for them)  Dean and I also needed to take a few things to Misti this morning - she is taking our TV, and DVD player.  She already had taken our Wii but we still had a couple of parts that go with it. Dean needed to change out the dryer plug-in so while he worked on that and hooking up the TV's I made a few deliveries and ran some errands.  I took a few things to my sister Cindy, and my garage sale kit (price tags, adding machine, tape, paper, extension cord, markers, etc. - all the things we've needed over the years as my sisters, daughter and nieces have held garage sales) to my niece Nikki, and then ran a few errands.  

When I returned to Misti's, she mentioned they was going to Joplin later.  Haleigh was wanting to do a little shopping and I asked if she minded if I tagged along.  They didn't mind, but it would be a little later this morning.  That worked well for me as I still had a few things to do at the house.  As I mentioned I had several things in the house that needed to go to Bentley.  While I did not take them out of the house yet, I did gather them all in one spot.  A few will need to go to my son in Parsons and I'll get those to him one day next week.  I want to wait until we get back from our camp outing next week to put anything else in Bentley.  I need to do a good cleaning of both Bentley and the house, and maybe a little purging in Bentley before adding anything else - although small, I do not like clutter so I want to be selective in what I add.

It was about noon when Misti and Haleigh got here.  While we are taking my car, I have some other stuff for her to go through when we get back.  I had quite a few cleaners, soaps, etc. that are already duplicated in Bentley.  She may as well take advantage of them if she can use them.

On the way to Joplin Misti was telling me about a number of apps where you can earn points for shopping - sometimes just for visiting a store, or scanning an item within the store.  Once you hit a certain point amount you can earn gift cards or cash.  I told her she needed to take the time to show me each of them and how they worked.  Yesterday while we were shopping I was surprised at how many points she logged.  We also discussed the Walmart Savings Catcher and its apparent she knows a lot more about it than I do and I guess I need a tutorial from her on it as well.  However, I do know that I've acquired almost enough money to purchase a Nutra Bullet which I have been thinking about for quite sometime.  On our way home from Joplin yesterday we stopped at Tropical Smoothie, my first visit, and the smoothie I chose was delicious.  This is one of the reasons I'd like to have the Nutra Bullet, plus it takes up very little space.  I do not have a blender or chopper of any kind in Bentley so this could be used for a variety of needs without having a bunch of appliances on board - it's all about weight.

Our first stop was at Khol's which turned out to be a good stop.  I found 3 long sleeved t-shirts and a flannel shirt for $35 with tax.  That being said I did not take the time to try them on, so hopefully I am happy with the fit - if not they will go back.  The parking lot and the store was packed as were the dressing rooms.  It's much easier to return than to stand in line waiting to try clothes on.  

Haleigh wanted to go to the mall where we stopped at a number of stores, and had lunch at the food court.  There was a new taco place since I visited last that I could not pass up.  One of the items advertised was a street taco for $1.99.  It was soooooo good.  I will definitely return here.  It included pork, pineapple slaw, BBQ sauce and I added a mild taco sauce.  Wonderful!  Speaking of new, I guess it's been a while since I've been through the entire Joplin mall - I was surprised how many new stores had opened.  I don't do much shopping anymore - much different from when I was working.  Other than acquiring a few clothes now and then, there's not too much I want or need.

After stopping at a few more stores we headed to Sam's where I picked up a couple of things for Dean.  We made our last stop for the smoothies I mentioned above.  The one I ordered was not only delicious but huge - way too big for what I needed but so good I drank every bit of it.  I would love to learn to make one exactly like it, just a smaller version  Here's the description from their website: 


Strawberries, blueberries, cranberry, multi-vitamin, ground flax seed, whole grain oats, whey protein & Splenda®

What a fun day we had!  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my daughter and granddaughter.  Watching Haleigh and listening to her reminds me of myself so much at her age.  

When I pulled the car in the garage I could see Dean had been working hard while I was gone - all of the leftover items were gone or stacked to one side - things we will leave for the new owners ( a few things we talked about), take to the storage unit (because he still needed to use them before storing) and a few things we hopefully will dispose of in one manner or another.....maybe just sitting out for someone to take if they want them, or for the city to get on their bulk pickup day.  The floors in both garage bays had been swept and it looks great for the new owners to take over.  He is such a work horse - never backing away from anything but takes it on like a new challenge everyday.  I love that man!

After going through the cleaning products and selecting several, Misti and Haleigh headed home and Dean and I went to our now truly permanent home - our Bentley!  I put together a big batch of chili.  We settled in, Dean to watch a little TV and me to work on the blog.  That lasted long enough for me to type the first paragraph and I was already drifting off.  About an hour later I woke up and cleaned the kitchen area and once again we settled in...this time to watch Conagher, a movie with Sam Elliott, and his real life wife, Katherine Ross. It was a good movie.

Then it was off to bed for us.  Good night all!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017 - Moving Day Is Finally Here!

Friday, November 10, 2017 - Moving Day is Finally Here!

I was awake by 3:30 this morning and I laid in bed as long as I could stand it and finally got up about 15 minutes later.  Once the coffeepot was on, I started up the laptop and finished my posts from Wednesday and Thursday.  

While we were eating dinner last night, Dean commented he was ready to have all of the packing and moving done - and so am I!  We are to that point and at the end of the day we hope to only have a good cleaning and a few minor things to finish before handing it over to the new owners in a little over a week - November 20!

My task today is to finish marking a few boxes, tape all of the boxes shut and to wrap my larger family pictures inside a few of the smaller folded boxes.  We found if we leave them folded flat, we can slip them inside, wrap them in brown paper and tape them up.  A few of the pictures were too large for any boxes or tubs we could find so this is going to work perfect.  I hope to have all of that done before the boys arrive around 9:30.  We are hoping 2 trips to the storage unit will be sufficient.  With our van (back seats removed), our truck, Heath's SUV, Brett's truck and his trailer we can move a lot of stuff in a short amount of time.  Heath is bringing his oldest son Abram.  He was a great help the last time we moved Heath and Casey and that was a couple of years ago.  He's only 10 but he's tall and stout for his age.  

Dean headed in to the house before me and taped up all of my boxes, and loaded boxes and plastic tubs in the van.  Once I finished my work in Bentley I went to work on packing our large family pictures.  I decided to wrap each one in brown paper first and then put them in the folded boxes, finally taping both ends in several places.  We were able to pack 5 large pictures this way - with 2 boxes holding two pictures.  We were able to place the rest of the pictures in plastic tubs.  

The boys showed up within a few minutes of each other around 9:30 and got right to work loading up the other vehicles.  

Before pictures of the garage.

Before pictures of the garage.

Before pictures of the garage.  Heath, Dean's oldest son and Heath's oldest son Abram.  Notice Abram is almost as tall as his dad.

I had to take a picture of this to share so I would have documentation of it.  This was Dean's homemade door between our two garages.  Looking through the door is where the vehicles were parked and leads into the back door of the house.  The other side is Dean's shop/man cave.  It worked well for when he wanted to heat or cool his man cave.  He always thought he would put a regular door up but it worked so well he never did.  

Our grandson Abram.  He wanted to know if "Papa" was taking the door between the garages?  We all had a good laugh about that.

By 10:15 we were headed to the storage unit with our first load.  

Our train of vehicles pulling into the storage unit.

It was almost 11:30 when we returned to Oswego.  I ordered a couple of pizzas for lunch,  while the guys continued to load things until I returned with the food.  It was nice to have the break but then we were right back to loading again. The second trip consisted of taking a lot of lumber, individual hand/garden tools, and smaller items that were not boxed so it took longer to load; and of course longer to unload.  By the time we returned, and they looked through several items Dean had set out for them to go through, it was nearly 3:30 before we finished up with our house.

Some after pictures.

Our next task was to take our washer and dryer to my daughter's house, where they had to remove her existing units and then hook up the ones we delivered.  The task went fairly smooth until Dean went to plug in the dryer - and of course it was different than the receptacle already installed.  Something else to do!  

Getting the old washer and dryer removed and new ones installed at Misti's.

Once we returned to our house, Dean and Brett loaded several items he was taking to his house.  He could not get everything in his truck and trailer so we loaded our truck to haul those for him.  We had a few things to do before we left, including making a stop at the local hardware store to pick up a new plug for Misti's dryer.  I'm so glad we did this before we left town since we discovered they would be closed tomorrow.  

Fortunately when we got to Brett's Dean, Brett and Tucker unloaded everything.  I would have helped but silly me did not bring a jacket.  Since the sun had set it was a little too cool, so I set in the truck while they did the work.  We stopped to get something to eat and it was about 7:30 when we returned to Oswego .  We were both pretty well spent.  I tried to check Facebook and my emails for the day but I just kept nodding off.  We finally headed to bed a little before 10.  We didn't walk this morning since we had so much to do, but I'm pretty sure we both walked enough today to make up for it, and with the bending and stooping added in I'm sure we got a little extra exercise as well.  I just hope it made up for the pizza, hamburger and french fries I ate for lunch and dinner, that were NOT modified for a low carb diet.  Hopefully one day won't throw me off too much!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thursday, November 8-9, 2017 - Packing is Nearing Completion

Wednesday & Thursday, November 8-9, 2017 - Packing is Nearing Completion

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

It felt really cold when I woke up this morning and I immediately wondered if the other propane tank was now empty.  After turning on the coffeemaker, I turned the fireplace on high and a small heater behind the table on so it would warm my feet while I was on the computer.  In no time it was nice and toasty.

I look forward to the coffee getting done for that first cup every morning. So good!  When Dean got up I told him I thought the other propane tank was empty so he went out to check it and sure enough it was.  He switched it over to the tank he had filled a few days ago and we are good to go again.  Fortunately we can use propane or electric to heat Bentley, however we do have to run propane heat if it drops below freezing to keep the underbelly warm enough so the piping does not freeze.  We will be sure to be prepared for this so we are not caught without propane if the temps drop while we are here until after Christmas, especially if we run out of one propane in one of the tanks during the night.  

After breakfast I readied myself for the day and headed uptown.  I had some banking business to take care of and I wanted to get it out of the way.  I had dropped off a bunch of coins yesterday that Dean had been throwing in his nightstand for awhile.  It didn't seem like much but I was surprised to find out it was $100 worth.  Always amazes me how quickly coins can add up.  Taking care of paperwork on changes and updates to our accounts took about an hour.  I was glad to get one more chore marked off of my list.

My brother-in-law Elmer stopped by not too long after I returned from the bank with boxes for us.  He brought two sizes, one is smaller with handles and the others are much larger.  Perfect timing as we were needing more.  Dean is really going to town in the garage.  It seems like we've been working on this packing for a long while.  Well, it just seems like we've been working on the house as a whole for a long time, and when I think about it we really have been.  We started doing work to the house the first week or so of January and other than the camping trips we have done we've probably been doing something most every week since then.  We ARE ready to be done!

I started sorting through all of the stuff I moved into the living room from closets, cabinets, and the other rooms today.  I had to get Dean inside to go through a few things with him - such as all of his coats that almost entirely filled up our coat closet.  I had 3 - he had about 40 (well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration - but he had LOTS of coats).  In fact he had so many he didn't even know that one of them was his - he thought it was mine.  Once he tried it on he said, "Now I know why I bought this one."  HA!  Yes that one went in the "TO KEEP" pile along with 2 or 3 others.  This particular coat was purchased at Cabela's and had no logo on it.  Most of the coats were ones the phone company provided to him over the years and they all have a logo of some sort so he won't let me give them away except to one of the kids, and due to the lack of a logo he assumed it must be mine.  Since many are still really good coats I hope the boys will take them to at least use as a work coat for doing outside chores at their homes.

After going through the stacks of stuff I had moved into the living room and making sure like things were packed together, I felt really good about what I managed to accomplish this afternoon and Dean did a great job in the garage.  We determined that we needed a few more plastic tubs though so we decided to make a Wal-Mart run - AGAIN!!!  Since we were going to Parsons I called my grandson, Logan to see if he was home.  I had some Keurig coffee pods he said he would take and when I cleaned out the cupboards I found some food items I thought he might use - since he's living in his own apartment now.  He told me he would be home and when I asked if he'd like to have dinner with us he said of course!   We stopped at his apartment, but realized we could not give him a ride since we had taken the seats out of the van the day before so we could haul some things, so he followed us to El Pueblito, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Parsons.  We had a nice dinner and enjoyed catching up with what was going on in his life - he started a new job at one of the banks in Parsons on Monday.  He told us he really liked it.  He spent Monday and Tuesday training and today was his first day on his own as a teller.  

After dinner, Dean and I headed to Wal-Mart and picked up the few things we needed, including some of vacuum seal bags for storing items in.  It didn't take us long to get what we needed.  We got home about 7:30 and realized the CMA Awards had already started.  We forgot all about them being on tonight and I failed to record it.  I thought it was one of the best CMA shows we've watched in the past few years.  I loved that several performers mentioned the need for unity and how we all need to come together as one, and also there was more REAL country music than I've heard in awhile.  I prefer that over having all of the various rock singers participating.  I enjoy some rock music but I don't want to hear it at a country music event, unless it is a collaboration between a rock and country entertainer performing a country song.  I loved Carrie Underwood's singing of Softly and Tenderly while they shared pictures of entertainers who passed away during this year as well as a tribute to the fans who lost their lives during the Las Vegas shooting.  What an emotional moment!  

Tomorrow is another big day - we need to make sure everything is sorted and packed by the end of the day.  Heath and Brett will be here Friday morning to load everything up and move most of the items to the storage unit we have rented.  We will also be moving a few more items to Misti's, and Brett will be taking what furniture is not staying with the house back to their home.  Dean and I will still have a few things to do next week but it will be minimal compared to what we'll be doing on Friday - Moving Day!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I must have been really tired this morning - it was almost 5:30 when I woke up, at least an hour later than normal.  I have a hair appointment at 8:15 this morning.  Last night I was checking out hair styles.  My hair has finally gotten enough length to it that we can start looking at ways to shape it up, and I found one I really liked.  I'll take my find in to Marla this morning and see what she can do.  When I arrived, I showed her the picture and she did a great job of getting it started.  Getting it closer to what I want will require letting my hair grow just a little more on the sides, but I think it may be there before we leave for Texas.

Once I was back home, I got right to work on getting everything left from yesterday sorted.  I have quite a few blankets, pillows, quilts, sheets, etc.  I used three XL cubed vacuum storage bags to put all of the items in.  We have a couple of air mattresses that we can use if one or more of the grandkids stay with us in Bentley.  While we don't carry them with us, we would be able to pick them up at the storage unit while we are home and return them afterwards.  I was able to fit them all in one of the larger boxes that Elmer brought us yesterday.  I'm sure glad I won't be the one to have to lift that box.  I struggled to get all three of the "cubes" in the box by myself.

After that it was just a matter of going through stack after stack of items and dividing them up into similar groups in order to store in plastic tubs.  Once I had everything packed in tubs, I took on the task of going through several containers of papers.  I spent the next hour or two shredding LOTS of paper.  I emptied the shredder at least 5 times.  So nice it is done though.

A little before 5, I headed to Misti's.  My sister Cindy is coming down to help her hang some pictures and possibly move some of her furniture around a bit - do you remember when I mentioned that we'd have see if Cindy approved of what we did earlier this week?  Well overall she liked it, but we did move the couch and a chair around, followed by hanging up several pictures.  It went well and I know Misti was glad to get it all done.  I also returned a kitchen chair that Dean had fixed for her and a bunch of papers I came across today that Logan and Haleigh had made at school when they were much younger.  I thought she might find a few things she would want to keep.

It was a nice evening visiting with Misti and Cindy.  I finally headed home about 7.  Dean told me he had just returned to Bentley shortly before I came in.  I was surprised at that.  I made us a quick dinner of leftovers from a couple of meals we had earlier this week - and now all leftovers are gone.  Now that means I'm going to have to cook again!  We will order food for lunch tomorrow since the boys will be here - either Pizza Hut or from our Mexican Restaurant - Mi Pueblo, so Friday night it will be sandwiches.  At least I won't have to cook again until Saturday.  

It dawned on me this afternoon that I probably should call Dish Network today to have them send boxes for returning the two receivers we have in the house so they will be sure to arrive by next week since I want them to come to this address before we leave. We will keep our Dish Network service and our receiver in the RV.  

Tomorrow is the big day - we will move almost everything to storage and then we'll just have a few other things to deal with before we take off a few days to camp with some friends.  I think we are looking forward to that more each day just to have a chance to rest before we finish up the few things we'll need to take care of when we return.  Fortunately the remaining chores will be small in comparison to the last few months.  I want to do a good cleaning and vacuuming of the house before we hand it over to the new owners and we still need to gather all of our keys, garage door openers, etc. 

We will be moving our washer and dryer to Misti's.  I plan to use it until we head south once a week.  This will be a good time for me to take some paperwork with me that I need to work on with no interruptions from anyone or a TV, before we head south.  Dean and I had a living trust prepared earlier this year and I have completed most everything but I need to go through and be sure I have not missed anything in order to have it safely stowed in a safety deposit box before we leave.  We have a 4 drawer filing cabinet and the first drawer is all of our business papers - I want to go through each of those files and make sure I scan documents we may need with us on the road - especially medical history, and be sure any old information is removed.  Fortunately, we can get a lot of the medical information online now with the portals many medical offices provide today.  In addition, we want to keep insurance info for both the RV and truck with us, along with other pertinent information we may need. Our file storage is much smaller in Bentley - and of course weight is always an issue so we want to limit paper as much as possible.  I will also be busy changing our address and phone number on all of our various accounts---utilities, pensions, insurance, doctors, and many, many others.  We do everything we can online so I will be able to easily work on these tasks in between laundry loads by taking my laptop.  I'm sure I'll think of several other things we need to do before we leave for Texas.  

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.  Misti has offered to host it at her house this year.  Last night she asked me uh, what are we going to have and what is the plan for getting it all done?  We've been so busy we have not discussed it at all but we will get together this weekend and get all of that decided.  I will definitely be there to help her with all of the preparations.  I'm so thankful she is willing to act as hostess to our big holiday get together's.  We are a big group when we are all together so it requires a lot of work.  

I tried hard to get this completed last night before going to bed so I could post it, but could not keep my eyes open and I was afraid to hit send without re-reading it.  I'm glad I waited, as I made quite a few changes!  😊