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Travels with Bentley
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Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 14 - April 21, 2018 - It's Been a Very Busy Last Eight Days

April 14 - April 21, 2018 - It's Been a Very Busy Last Eight Days

Saturday, April 14
We spent most of today catching up on some cleaning of Bentley, and going through cabinets, cubbies, closets, our underbed storage and other areas inside.  While we were in Texas we decided we took way too many things so now comes the paring down.  We managed to take two large tubs and two pretty good sized piles to the van that will go to storage once we return home next week.  In the evening, we went to our son Brett's house in Liberal, MO.  He grilled hamburgers and we had a great visit with him and grand-kids Dacy and Tucker.  On our way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things we needed in anticipation of our upcoming campout.  

Sunday, April 15
Dean and I went to Sherman Country Church this morning, our home church when we are in Oswego.  We picked Misti up and after church the three of us went to our local Mexican Restaurant, Mi Pueblo for lunch.  Afterwards, we took Misti home as she had homework to do.  Our son Matt called to see if we wanted to Skype with them.  After a bit of technical issues we finally connected and had a great visit with him, Megan, Josh and Sarah.  Here are a few pictures I took of them while we were visiting.  

I love the picture of Megan, Josh & Matt - top left.  They are all great but that smile he's giving Mom and Dad is priceless!

After our phone conversation I did a few things in preparation for our trip to Carthage, MO tomorrow for a rally with our Escapees group - Chapter 17.  I made Chili, and cooked 2.5 pounds of sausage which I froze in 1/2# bags for future meals.  Later we took our bicycles to the storage shed and while we were there we picked our granddaughter Haleigh up from her dad's and brought her back to Oswego with us.  

Monday, April 16
Our Escapee rally begins tomorrow but most of our group has already arrived or will be arriving for the rally this afternoon.  We were loaded up and pulled out of the park here in Oswego by 9:30.  I told Dean I would drive today.  I am not interested in driving all the time or even regularly but I do want to drive enough that I feel comfortable if something happened and I needed to.  Hopefully we never have to face that, but it's good to be prepared.  I also like the idea of driving in different types of traffic and today I'm taking I-44 from Baxter Springs to Carthage  It's not far, but I need to get comfortable with merging into Interstate traffic.  No better place to practice than in an area I am familiar and somewhat comfortable with as opposed to somewhere I've never been.  We stopped at the Missouri Travel Center just west of Joplin for a restroom break, and about twenty miles later I pulled into Coachlight RV Park just south of Carthage, MO.  We really love this park.  It's nicely shaded and has a very nice rally hall.  It's very clean and the people working here are just great.  They seem to love their job and go out of their way to assist us in anyway they can.

We were soon set up, had some lunch and then we headed to Joplin.  Dean had a doctor's appointment at 3:30 but I wanted to run by Khol's first.  I'm still looking for a few tops and some capris for this summer.  I received a 30% off coupon in the mail so wanted to at least look to see what they had.  As it worked out, I did find a pair of capris' and 4 shirts for less than $45 so I was quite happy with that.  We made a couple of other stops before arriving at the doctor's office about 3:15.  It was close to 4:30 before we finally got called back.  We could see we were going to be too late to eat at 5:00with the group that was gathering back at the campground, so I sent a text letting them know to go on without us and we'd catch up with them later.  When we finally finished up at the doctor's office we headed to Texas Roadhouse in Joplin.  Dean chose a ribeye steak.  I don't remember what my meal was called but it included 3-3oz. tenderloins.  We both had baked potatoes and salads.  Mine also included a bowl of rice - which was delicious and I shared it with Dean.  It was a very good meal and since we had a gift card from Heath & Casey (Christmas present) the cost to us was just under $13.00.  Thanks again Heath Peine family for the gift.  We sure did enjoy it.

Back at the campground we finished getting a few things set up before we walked down to Alvin & Linda's camper where the campfire was for the evening.  Both Alvin & Linda and Phil & Janelle have Flame Genie's - neat little campfire containers that use wood pellets.  With the size of our group it was great to have two of these going since we had some chilly evenings.  It was a wonderful evening getting caught up with everyone.

Tuesday, April 17
We had an officer's meeting at 9 this morning,  I'm not an officer, but since I am the newsletter editor they invite me to attend the meetings.  Afterwards I returned to Bentley, where I made Dean and I some lunch.  We have a Welcome and Announcement meeting at 2 where we'll go over the schedule for the week.  

After the meeting, 4 of us ladies played hand and foot.  I really miss getting to play this card game so I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity, even if it was only one time during the campout.

Tonight we had our pot luck dinner.  Everyone brings a covered dish.  I made apple crisp, potato salad and since I had a few eggs left over I made some deviled eggs as well.   These ladies know how to cook and we had a wonderful meal.  However, the best part of the entire campout is catching up with our friends, many of which we have not seen since sometime during the past year.  

We enjoyed another evening around the campfire before calling it an evening.

Wednesday, April 18
At the Welcome meeting yesterday Dean volunteered to make the coffee and have it ready at the clubhouse by 8 each morning so he was out the door about 7:30 which gave me time to get my work done around Bentley.  At noon we had our pot luck leftovers from last night  for our lunch.  Everything was just as good - if not better the second time around.  

At 3:00 Dean and I were in charge of playing Bingo.  He called the numbers.  I play but when someone Bingo's I check their cards to be sure all of the numbers were actually called.  We had a lot of fun with this and almost everyone participated.  

Tonight was supper on your own and four (Phil & Janelle, Keith & Drena, Bill & Mary, Dean & I) couples went to the local El Charro in Carthage for dinner.  The food was great, as usual, and once we returned we all gathered around the campfire again.

Thursday, April 19
This morning we had our Chapter Business Meeting.  We elect officers every fall (September) and our President, Alvin let everyone know there would be several positions open including President, Vice-President and Newsletter Editor at our fall rally.  I've decided that I'm ready to pass the newsletter on to someone else.  It's my third year doing it and have found it doesn't always work well while on the road.  You might remember we had really poor Wi-Fi and Verizon connections at times while in South Texas.  Unfortunately it took a little longer for me to get the newsletter out in March.  It's hard to plan where to be, at the proper time, and it's time for someone else to give it their own twist.

Everyone had lunch on their own.  Dean and I chose to have some chili dogs at Bentley.  This afternoon at 3:00 we had our brown bag exchange.  This is always lots of fun.  We had some great gifts as usual and they were stolen early on.  Once they've been stolen twice - they belong to the last owner for the remainder of the game.  Dean ended up with a very large bag of Gardetto's and I won a bottle of Awesome, 2 little dip holders (they attach to your plate) and a little pop up fan - that about made me jump out of my seat when it popped out suddenly.  I wasn't prepared for that at all.  I was really disappointed that someone stole my ice cream toppings I stole; and then the 4 sampler set of BBQ sauces I picked from the remaining brown bags.  I know Dean will use the Awesome and the dip holders might be a handy thing to have, so I was satisfied.  However, Dean was very UNHAPPY someone took the popcorn he really wanted.  We learned later we can buy it at Sam's - so my next Sam's trip might include a purchase of that particular brand of popcorn.

Our friends David & Donna had asked us about going out to dinner tonight.  Two other couples, Phil & Janelle, and Don & Lynda joined us.  We drove to nearby Joplin, MO and ate at Red Onion Cafe.  Dean and I really like this place.  We wanted to share it and I think everyone really enjoyed their meal.  We had a great waiter who really did a great job of taking care of us.    It wasn't too late when we returned but it was pretty windy so there was no campfire tonight.

Friday, April 20
We had another group meal this morning - breakfast and as with all of the other meals prepared by these wonderful campers, it was wonderful.  Biscuits & Gravy, Egg/meat casseroles, Sausage Links, Fruit, French Toast Bake and some pastries.  It was all delicious.  Afterwards Donna, Mary and I drove to Joplin to do a little shopping.  I still had my 30% off coupon for Khol's so we stopped there first.  We all used the coupon for our purchases.  We made a stop at Sear's where we enjoyed looking around.  By 12:30 or so we were beginning to get a little hungry, so I suggested we try out a restaurant that my nephew had given high reviews to awhile back, called "The Brunchenette".  Once we were inside and read the menu on the wall I was wondering what Rye had lead me to.  It was a very different menu, but we all braved up, ordered and were so glad we stayed.  The brunch choices we made were delicious.  Mary and I had one of their "Bennie's" (eggs benedict) with Bacon, Tomato, Avocado, Egg with Hollandaise sauce - WONDERFUL!  Donna had basically the same thing except it had pulled pork (no bacon, tomato or avocado), but she did ask for a couple of slices of tomato - which by the way, were very good!  

Image may contain: food
Donna's Eggs Benedict with Pulled pork
This is the Eggs Benedict that Mary & I had with Bacon, Tomato and Avocado.

Mary, Donna & Me

The three of us had a great time visiting, shopping and having lunch together.  We returned in plenty of time to enjoy a community cookout that took place at the clubhouse.  Alvin fired up the large charcoal grill outside and everyone brought their own choice of meat to cook.  Once it was done we went into the clubhouse to eat.  Dean and I cooked hot dogs again.  I brought up some chili that I had already warmed up, along with some cheese slices.  When Dean finally brought the hot dogs in they looked like shriveled up sausage links.  I'm not sure what he was doing out there but it evidently was not keeping an eye on our hot dogs!!; however, they were edible and with the cheese and chili they tasted pretty good.

Once things were cleaned up and our food/dishes back home, we all gathered one last time at Alvin and Linda's for our nightly campfire.  Phil and Janelle left earlier today, so Stan and Linda shared their Flame Genie to provide enough fire for all of our group.  I was having a hard time staying awake.  I think I dozed off more than once until everyone decided it was time to call it a night.  We had such a great time this week.  It was good to see everyone again after the winter months had passed - although it has not always felt like winter itself has passed.  We were fortunate the days were pretty nice but most evenings the ladies (and maybe a guy or two) were wrapped in blankets at the campfires.

Saturday, April 21
This morning almost everyone was readying their rigs to hitch up and head home.  Three rigs stayed for a day or more before they move to their next site.  We left the park about 10:30 and arrived back in Oswego at 11:40.  We have an event to attend later this evening.  Our other 16 year old granddaughter, Dacy is attending her first High School Jr/Sr Prom with a friend that attends Baxter Springs, KS HS.  (Remember, we did this just two weeks ago with our granddaughter Haleigh)  We are driving half-way back to Carthage to watch Dacy; but it's so worth it.  

After arriving in Oswego, getting the rig set up and eating lunch, I finished setting everything else up, then washed a couple of loads of clothes.  My daughter Misti, and grandson Logan stopped by for awhile and it was great to visit with them.  Logan is going to KC on Monday to take his physical with the intent of joining the Navy.  I'm really proud of him but it's hard for a grandma to not be concerned - and I'm sure Mom feels the same way.  This is where we have to continue to trust God that he will watch over him in everything he does, as we do for all the grand-kids.

It wasn't but a short time after Misti and Logan left that Dean and I was headed to Baxter Springs.  We met our son Brett and grandson Tucker at The Rice House, a Chinese restaurant in Baxter Springs, for dinner before going to the High School.  We had never eaten here before but the reviews on Google and Trip Advisor were great.  Weve been looking for a really good Chinese restaurant and we LOVED this place.  We will definitely return here in the future.  I had General Tso's Chicken, Dean had Cashew Chicken, Tucker had Sweet & Sour Chicken and Brett chose the Garlic Chicken.  We all really enjoyed our meals.  I was a little worried about my fortune cookie comment though - Something about soon being the center of attention - I was extra careful walking into the gym, setting down and leaving!!!  I managed to get in and out without drawing any attention to myself - or at least that I know of!  

By the way it started raining this morning before we left Carthage, then stopped before we left.  Shortly after we arrived in Oswego it began to sprinkle, and gradually increased in intensity, but it never turned into a downpour.  When we reached the high school we were glad to see the "Walk-in" was being held inside.  We are not sure if that is always the way it happens or it was due to the rain.  I didn't think to ask anyone about it.  Renae met us at the High School.  She had spent the entire day with Dacy starting with her makeup and hair appointments; changing into her dress; followed by pictures with her and her date in Columbus and Joplin.  We were fortunate to get some pretty decent seats and it's a good thing since I left my new camera in Bentley.  I was so disappointed I forgot it, but Renae was good enough to share some great pictures that I will include.

Dacy and her date.
Dacy & Brother Tucker - Love that Renae is in the picture, taking her own picture.
Mom Renae, Dacy, Dad Brett & Brother Tucker
Nana, Dacy  Papa 

Image may contain: Renae Peine, smiling
My favorite picture of Dacy - by Renae.
Of course I think Renae and I enjoyed the Walk-in much more than the guys - but there is no doubt we all enjoyed watching Dacy and her date walk-in!  It was the other 40-50; or more couples they didn't get quite as excited about.  I enjoyed watching each of them - I guess it's a "girl" thing, huh?  

It was after 8 when we returned to Bentley.  Dean and I were both pretty tired.  I think we were in bed by 9:30 and I could barely keep my eyes open the hour or so before I finally said - "it's bedtime".  All of that camping just wore us out!

It's good to be back in Oswego.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018 - Friday, April 13, 2018 - Catching Up Again!

Sunday, April 8, 2018 

I woke up around 2am and after laying in bed for close to an hour I finally just got up.  I know I may be sorry for doing this later, but if you can't sleep....sometimes it's best to just get up and do something.  So I wrote yesterday's blog post.

Once Dean was up I asked him about doing some laundry.  Bentley has a leak and I know he wanted to try and figure out where and what before I did any laundry.  While he's not sure, he thinks it might be coming from the washer/dryer.  He wants to pull it out and take a look at the "inspection panel" before I do any, so it will be later today before I tackle that chore.

After breakfast, and showering I was soon ready for church.  Cindy wanted to go with me this morning and Misti and Haleigh wanted a ride, so I left earlier than normal in order to pick them up.  I drove the truck and it sure drives better on those old country roads than my van does!  It may become my vehicle of choice on Sunday mornings!   It was good to be back at our little country church and to see so many friends after being away for so long.     

After getting everyone back home, including me - Dean told me he was planning to take a look at Bentley's water leak while I was at my sister Cindy's.  Today is her Sunday for Sisterfest.  I have three sisters. I am the oldest, then Cindy, followed by Crystal.  My youngest sister Jody is just shy of being 6 years younger than me.  We are very close.  Around the time my mom passed away we had started visiting our (paternal) Papa Blackledge on a weekly basis.  He had been sick and in and out of the hospital quite a bit.  Sometimes we all went, but we tried to make sure at least one of us went each week and more often when we could.  When he passed away a year after our mom, we just seemed to transfer that weekly visit to Daddy. He was often there when we visited Papa, so it seemed the natural thing to do.  After Daddy died in 2008, we didn't get together for a short time afterwards - a bit of a healing process, I guess.  Within a month or two we began our regular Sunday afternoon get togethers only now we take turns hosting.  Being the oldest I have the first Sunday, and it just moves down the line.  We do not get together on the 5th Sunday.  Next month will be 11 years since Daddy died.  It's hard to believe that much time has passed.  Of course, I'm looking forward to going to Cindy's today since I've not been here for over 3 months and I've been missing them terribly.  It will be great to spend the next several Sundays with them before we take off again.  I fully intended to get a selfie of all of us together but we were too busy talking to think about pictures, I guess.

When I returned home, Dean told me he found the leak.  The trap on the drain for the washer/dryer combo unit needed to be tightened.  He said it only took about about a quarter of a turn and it stopped, so it was not even a continuous drip, and it was running straight down the side of the hose.  Fortunately no damage occurred and we caught it early.  We've had the unit less than a month, so we are fortunate he happened to notice it outside.  Had the weather not been so cold since we've been here, where he was switching us from city water to using our water storage tank in Bentley it's possible he might not have noticed it.  We truly believe God watches out for us and we believe this is one of those times he did.

For dinner I made hamburgers, frying them in my cast iron skillet inside.  It was too cold to cook outside, besides Dean doesn't even have the grill out.  They were quite good and then Dean helped me with the dishes.  American Idol came on before we finished, but it was easy to keep an eye on the TV while we finished up.  I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband.  He takes very good care of me.

While it was a busy day, it was a bit slower paced than the past couple of days.  My lack of sleep last night is catching up with me and I hope I sleep well tonight.

Monday, April 9, 2018   

I was in bed by 10:00 last night and didn't wake up until 6:00 this morning.  I felt rested.

Today was another busy day.  I did a couple of loads of laundry this morning.  Dean had a doctor's appointment in Joplin at 1:30.  It didn't take too long and we were back home by 3:00 or so.  I started tackling a job I want to get done before we leave the end of May, and that is to go through everything in Bentley and determine what I can either get rid of or that can go to the storage unit.  I filled two tubs up, plus have a pile of things stacked on the couch.  I still have several other cabinets to go through but I made a big dent in the process. Afterwards, I did another load of laundry, made dinner and watched American Idol.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - Doctor Appointment, Laundy, Cleaning, Tennis Tournament

This morning I had an appointment with my primary care physician to talk to her about the bouts of dry heaves, and heartburn I've been having.  The heartburn has not been bad, but it started shortly after the last episode of dry heaves.  She wants me to have an EGD. I have an appointment with my provider at the Cherokee Health Center in Vinita on Thursday.  I'll take the order to her and she will get it scheduled at the hospital in Tahlequah.

Sunrise on my way to Webb City, MO this morning.

I made a stop at Walmart to pick up a few things before heading back to Oswego.  Once the groceries were put away I washed another load of laundry, then dusted and vacuumed Bentley.  I just have to say again how much I love this washer/dryer unit.   I'm so glad Dean pushed me to move forward on this purchase.

We had leftover hamburgers for lunch and then I did a final load of laundry before we left to attend our grandson Tucker's tennis tournament in Parsons.  It started at 3 pm.  He played three matches and won one of them.   We enjoyed watching him.  

Tucker is on the far side of the net.
Everyone else finished up their matches before his final match was over.  Since they were waiting on him so they could leave, we didn't talk to him afterwards.  However, he sent a text and a picture of the medal he received.  We hope to see him and his sister Dacy this coming weekend.  It's hard to find the time on a school day to spend much time with them.  They are a busy family with chores and schoolwork.  Both he and Dacy have a couple of goats they are raising for the fair this year, besides training their horses for fair competition as well, let alone work, sports and homework.

It was after six before the tennis tournament was over, so we stopped at Chinese Chef in Parsons for a quick dinner.  We called our grandson Logan to see if he wanted to go eat with us, since he lives at the college dorms in Parsons, but he was in Chetopa visiting a friend.  The food was pretty good although they didn't have my favorite on the buffet this evening - General Tso's.  By the time we got home it was close to 7:30.  We watched some TV before calling it a night.

Sunset when we returned to the RV Park.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 

This morning I went to BIble Study.  I've missed seeing my friends each week while we've been gone and it was so good to see them all.  I had to leave early though.  We are meeting some friends in Grove for lunch at the Cherokee Casino.  We've never eaten here before but we've heard some good reviews.

We met up with two couples we spent time with in Texas, Dennis & Pam, and Olen & Kathy, plus Phil & Janelle and their granddaughter Avery, and Pam's brother-in-law and sister Rogers and Loretta.  We met them all through our Escapees camping group.  We had a great time visiting with all of them.  I've made bread pudding several times over the past year for several occasions - and Loretta is the person who gave me the recipe.  I shared with her how much everyone has enjoyed it.

From the end and then left:  Dennis, Loretta, Rogers, Janelle, Avery, Olen, Kathy, Phil, Dean, and Pam
Dean and I both chose the Indian Taco for our lunch - a piece of fry bread with taco meat, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese.  It was quite good.  

When we left there we drove over to Seneca, MO to see my step-dad Larry and his wife Verna.  It was so good to see them and spend time visiting.  Hopefully we can make it back at least one more time before we leave again the end of May.

We had a much busier schedule planned for our time here but last week I cancelled one of the campouts we planned to attend next month, and shaved one day each off of two rallies we will attend in April and May.  We decided we need more time to take care of things here - between doctor appointments, seeing family and trying to take care of my list of to-do's we need to take care of before we leave, we were just feeling too rushed.

Once back home we had leftovers for dinner.  Dean watched TV and I worked on some paperwork.

Beautiful sunset tonight from Bentley.

Thursday, April 12, 2018 

I left Oswego around 7:20 this morning for the drive to Vinita for my routine appointment with my provider at the Cherokee Health Center, including routine blood work.  Afterwards I stopped at McDonald's for a breakfast biscuit since I had to fast for my blood work.  I needed to have something to eat before I took the rest of my morning medicine .  I try to make my appointments early so I can get in and out quickly but this morning's appointment was a little later than normal, so I made a stop at Style, a department store in Vinita before leaving town.  Unfortunately, while I found a few things I liked, nothing fit right so that ended up being a waste of about 30 minutes!  When I stopped at Walmart on Tuesday I bought a pair of capri jeans and two shirts.  I didn't try them on at the store, but waited until I got home.  Fortunately they all fit and I kept them.  I've been looking for a pair of white capri jeans but so far no luck in finding any I like.  

Dean changed the electric heating element in the hot water tank out while I was gone.  Ours went out and we've been using gas to  heat our water for a few weeks, waiting for a break in the weather and our schedule so he could replace it. 

After a quick lunch (more of a snack for me), I worked on our budget report.  I had not updated our report since the last week of March; so I needed to complete it and record all of our expenses for April to date.  I was glad to get that done and out of the way.  March was not a great month - again dining out being the worse line item.  Overall, we have pretty much stayed within our total budget, but we need to work harder at staying within each line item.  I do think that will be easier for us now.  We've found it's much easier when it's just the two of us because we do most of our own cooking; so we hope it balances out over the rest of the year.  We are managing to set money aside each month in savings so that is the most important thing at this point but we both know we can do a little better job than what we've done the first three months of this year.  Texas was hard on us - we must pace ourselves next year!  Lol!

Dean was ready to get out and do something.  We had discussed getting our mail earlier.  We decided to drive to Pittsburg and pick it up.  It's been two weeks since we last had it delivered.  Unfortunately, we did not receive any of the things we expected, so now we'll have to follow up on those.  We called Brett to see if he might be free for dinner since he's close to Pittsburg, but he already had plans, so hopefully we can meet up with him and his family this weekend.  

We made a stop at Freddy's Steakburgers for a quick dinner before heading home.  Once home we both just chilled - Dean watching TV and I played a game on my computer before going to bed.  

Friday, April 13, 2018 

Today is Friday - and while in Oswego - for us that means breakfast at Circle L Cafe.  We haven't had breakfast here for almost four months - maybe a little longer.  Dean was a very happy camper getting to go to his favorite breakfast spot.  As usual, our breakfast was just perfect and we both really enjoyed it.  It was also great because we saw a number of townsfolk that we haven't seen in quite awhile.  Barb and her friend Bill, Bill & Jonnie, Beckie & Danny, and then Betty, one of my blog followers, came in.  There was lots of hugging going on.  We also saw Chris and Robert, Lacy (the owner) and Dave.  Wow, it was great!  We do miss our hometown when we are gone.  I still need to make some rounds to a few places after we return from our rally next weekend to see a few more people.

After breakfast, we returned to Bentley so I could do the dishes before we leave.  I have an appointment in Tahlequah at the Cherokee Indian Hospital there for a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) as a follow up to the sarcoidosis I was diagnosed with last April.  We made it by 12:30, got checked in and only had to wait about 10 minutes before it was time for my test.  It takes about an hour.  Dana gave me one prior test, back in October.  She's a very nice young lady and I enjoying visiting with her.  There's a period of about 10-15 minutes while waiting for one of the medications to work between tests that we have an opportunity to visit.  I was telling her about our recent decision to sell our house and live full-time in our RV for a few years so we can travel around the United States.  She was intrigued, so before I left I gave her one of our cards with the blog information on it.  She and her husband have talked about traveling in an RV in the future.  

On the way to Tahlequah, the Cherokee Health Center in Vinita called me.  They have a prescription for me, so I told them we would pick it up on our way back home.  After picking it up, we had to stop at Clanton's in Vinita for dinner.  We love this place.  It's been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives wtih Guy Fierri.  Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn has commented on some of their meals as well.  I've been going there since I was just a young girl with my grandparents and still enjoy it.  Tonight I had their chicken salad croissant - a first and it was delicious, served with fruit.  Dean had their pork chop dinner, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, side salad and a roll.  He said it was very good.

While there have been tornado warnings out all day in the area we have been in from Tahlequah to Oswego, we have seen little rain until about 3-4 miles south of Oswego.  

It poured as we were heading north into Oswego.

We could see it was pouring in front of us; but by the time we reached the RV Park - it had almost quit.  It's now a beautiful evening and the sun is shining through some light clouds.  Of course they are calling for weather through the night (until 10 pm) so we'll have our weather apps and local TV channels on, listening for any updates.

I hope you've all had a marvelous day and week!  


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Saturday, April 7, 2018 - Prom Preparation; Prom Pictures; Afternoon with Kamron; Promenade; Visiting More Family

Saturday, April 7, 2018 - Prom Preparation; Prom Pictures; Afternoon with Kamron; Promenade; Visiting More Family

****Warning---Lots of Photos****

Today is a big day for my 16 year old granddaughter Haleigh.  It will be the first high school prom she has attended.  She has an appointment at 9:15 this morning in Columbus, KS to have her makeup and hair done.  Misti invited me to come along and I was thrilled to be invited.  It was fun to watch as they worked their magic on this young lady and I enjoyed the time visiting with Misti while we waited.



Makeup complete!
Now the hair - getting started!
Front - finished


We made a quick stop at Sonic for a bite to eat before heading back to Oswego.  Misti dropped me off at the RV Park.  She will come back to get me after Haleigh changes into her dress and once Logan and Kamron are getting close.  We had only returned to Misti's a few minutes when Logan and Kamron showed up.  Kamron came straight to me and just hugged me, and said "I missed you Nana."  My heart just melted!  

We spent some time taking pictures inside and then outside,
Misti (Mom), Haleigh, & Brother Logan

Haleigh & Logan

Haleigh & Kamron

Blowing Bubbles!!!

By now - she was cold and ready to quit the pictures!
before we picked up Ty (Haleigh's date) at his house.  We met Haleigh's Grandma Bates at Riverside Park to take more pictures.  

Ty and Haleigh

Loved this picture - notice her shoes (Converse sneakers).

Quite a group for picture taking!

Haleigh's dad, stepmom and her 2 younger siblings stopped by Misti's house afterwards and we took more pictures!  

Haleigh with her Dad, Drew

Stepmom Nikki, Dad Drew
Brother Kegan and Sister Karsyn

Notice the lipstick on Karsyn's cheek - Haleigh's prints!

From here, Kamron and I headed back to Bentley while Misti, her friend Julie, Logan, Haleigh and Ty drove to Joplin to eat dinner at the Japanese Steak House.  The Promenade (arrival and entrance of the Prom attendees) will begin at 6:00, so we'll meet up at Oswego High School at 5:30 to ensure we have a good spot for picture taking.

In the meantime, Kamron made chocolate chip cookies with a little help from Nana.  We visited in between batches.  When all of the baking had been completed, Kamron asked me to french braid her hair - but it's been quite awhile since I've done that and I wasn't happy, so I did a simple braid - it looked better so that's what we went with.  

At 5:30 we headed to the school and then waited!  It ended up getting warmer this afternoon than originally predicted, which was wonderful for the girls as most dresses were sleeveless.  Promptly at 6:00 the first vehicle (a stretch limo) pulled up, however, only one couple exited.  Apparently several seniors rented this to take them to Joplin for their pre-Prom dinner.  All of the other students planned to arrive at the Promenade in separate vehicles except the one couple.  

Haleigh and Ty were about half way through the line of vehicles so we had a little bit of a wait but it was fun to watch each couple pull up and make their entrance.  Haleigh's dad, Drew, allowed Ty to drive his truck.
Ty and Haleigh, Drew's truck behind them.

Kamron enjoyed seeing all of the girls dresses and the various vehicles they arrived in.  Mr. Blackwell, Jr High/High School Music Director was the emcee, introducing each of the couples as they arrived.   Then parents, family and friends had the opportunity to take pictures of them before they went inside.

Kamron & Haleigh

Cousin Kamron, with Haleigh & Logan

Haleigh & Bestfriend Emory

Proud Mama with Daughter Haleigh & Son Logan

Haleigh with Cousin Emilie and her daughter Chanler (who is also a beautiful little redhead).

Once it was over, Dean and I took Kamron back to Parsons.  We visited with Marc, Jennifer and Jaxson for about an hour before we left.  It was wonderful to see them all again.  Hope to get in a few more visits before we leave again.

Jaxson is really into buildings/structures right now.  He loves the Eiffel Tower and the Statute of Liberty.  He had a new one to show us last night - I wish I had taken a picture of him telling us what it was.  He held it in his hands and when his mom and dad told him to tell us what it was - he very proudly said The Empire State Building, and then he told us where it was located, New York. 

We called it a night pretty quick after we returned to Bentley.  I'm so glad we were able to be home so we could participate in all of the fun we experienced today, but this Nana was pretty tired at the end of the day.