Travels with Bentley

Travels with Bentley
Bentley - our Heartland Bighorn

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018 - Happy Birthday to Grandson Abram; Best Wishes to Granddaughter Dacy as she heads to Kansas State Fair 4H Horse Show; Visiting West Quoddy Head Lighthouse; Visting Eastport, Maine; Dinner at "The Fisherman's Wharf"

Friday, September 14, 2018 - Happy Birthday to Grandson Abram; Best Wishes to Granddaughter Dacy as she heads to Kansas State Fair Horse Show; Visiting West Quoddy Head Lighthouse; Visiting Eastport, Maine; Dinner at "The Fisherman's Wharf"

Today is our grandson Abram's 11th birthday.  Happy Birthday Abram.  

Today our granddaughter Dacy is headed to Hutchinson, Kansas to participate in the 4H Horse Show at the Kansas State Fair.  She has two events today and another tomorrow.  Good luck Dacy!  

We look forward to seeing these two and all of our other grandchildren when we return to Kansas in about five weeks.

Today, we went back to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  We just stopped for a minute the other day when we took a picture.  Today we want to spend a little time here.  As we began our walk towards the lighthouse we saw this sign 

Unfortunately this is how much of the walk was, but we got some good exercise.

I love lighthouses and this one is really beautiful.  I had to stop at the truck after walking on the trail to put my jacket on as it was pretty windy and cool this morning.

Always looking for information on whales that I can share with our grandson Jaxson.

This is the easternmost point in the USA.

The next trail was to the beach access

Gorgeous view as we walked the path

Very neat looking tree as we neared the stairs down to the beach

Stairs to the beach

The beach.  There were so many beautiful rocks.  I really wanted one, but so many places frown on taking rocks I left without one.

We stopped at Bentley long enough to eat a sandwich and then we headed to Easport, ME.
It's about a 37 mile drive but it took nearly an hour to get there, due to the road construction being done on Highway 1.  It was several miles of dirt roads.

Very bumpy, dusty road

Welcome to Eastport, Maine
We haven't seen any old barns worth taking a picture of - but the churches are amazing!

Nice sign for the downtown Historic District of Easport.

Nice house

I'm not sure what type of tree this is but they are all over  town.  They are very beautiful with these bright red cluster of berries.

Loved the weathered look of this home.

We ended up at the end of this very long lane only to find out it led into a driveway to this house.  
I was in need of a restroom so Dean stopped at the Public Library and fortunately they had a public restroom.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the building.  It was an older but very beautiful structure.

Easport has a nice downtown area with a walkway along the water.

This is where we entered the walkway.  Plantings were very nice and I loved this large orangish colored bulding.

The local pier

Close up of the boats

The seating here is for when they show movies from the pier, and other events. A very nice feature.

Fisherman on the Wharf

Explanation for the Fisherman on the Wharf.

Interesting information about the Sardine Industry here in Eastport.

The Eastport Post Office - isn't this a gorgeous building?  I purchased some postcard stamps.

We returned to Lubec and decided to have dinner at "The Fisherman's Wharf".

A little about the restaurant.
I forgot to get pictures of our meal.  Dean had shrimp, french fries and cole slaw.  I chose the fried haddock, sweet potato fries and cole slaw.  It was good but I did not really care for the breading used on the fish.  It was much heavier than I prefer.  The fries were a little overcooked, but overall it was okay. 

An interesting dock.  The dock rises up these poles as the tide comes in.

Our sunset for tonight at our campground.

We have another big day planned for tomorrow.  

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Moving to and exploring around Lubec, ME

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Moving to Lubec, ME

It's moving day, but since we are not in a big hurry we are going to downtown Winter Harbor for breakfast at Chase's.  We were told there food was quite good, so we are looking forward to trying it out.

My choice was a pancake with Maine blueberries and Maine pure maple syrup!  It was delicious!

Dean chose the corned beef hash, with  home fries, eggs and wheat toast.  He really liked his meal as well.

After breakfast, we headed to the 5 & 10.  Our neighbor from Massachusetts had a nice Winter Harbor t-shirt on.  When I asked him where he got it, he said at the 5 & 10 downtown.  That's what we were looking for.  We both found a t-shirt we liked and left a few dollars in this nice little community that I'm sure we'll return to someday.

It didn't take us too long to finish up our work before we hitched up Bentley and pulled out around 10:00 or so.  I didn't take a lot of pictures until we hit this patch of road.  My first thought was, I hope this doesn't bounce my coffeepot off of the counter.  I always use the rubber mat under it and it's never failed me, but I do wonder about it when we are bouncing along the road like we did today.  

Machiasport, ME

Colorful buildings in Machiasport as we drove by.

A short way down the road another beautiful old church.

New electric poles going in along this stretch of road.

And just a short distance later they are working on the road so we were detoured around and into Lubec.
We pulled into Sunset Point RV Park before 12:30.  After checking in and finding our site number we pulled in and were soon set up. After a quick lunch, we hopped in the truck and took a tour of the town.

A few pictures I took as we drove the roads around Lubec:

Lots of houses made out of this material that I always think of being coastal.

I love seeing the colorful bouys on the garages and buildings.

Beautiful Victorian homes facing the water.

Quaddy Lighthouse

Yes, I am also found of old churches, especially with steeples.  They are just so beautiful.

A beautiful home looking out over the water.
Lubec, ME is the gateway to Campobello Island and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.  There is no other access by land to the Island except for the International Bridge from Lubec, Maine, however ferries do operate to and from the island, both to/from the US and Canada.

Campobello Island is only a bridge away - which is why Mulholland Lighthouse looks so close in this picture.
Mulholland Light House in Canada, taken from Lubec, ME.

This is our campground from the other side of Johnson Bay

Lubec Maine in the distance

By he way, my coffeepot was fine and stayed right where it's supposed to during our trip here.  

And what a beautiful way to end a wonderful day here in Lubec, Maine!